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Tech Partner Spotlight: Talkwalker

In this Tech Partner spotlight, we're featuring Talkwalker, a social media intelligence platform. This is a seriously cool tool for social media and digital marketers. Check out this guest blog post.

Meet Talkwalker, a social media intelligence platform and Klipfolio tech partner. Not only are they featured prominently in our Klip Gallery, but they've also been used to power some of our most popular live dashboards. We wanted to introduce them to the Klipfolio community since we know you're always looking for awesome social media analytics tools. Well, look no further: Talkwalker is a Twitter Official Partner, and loaded with power, flexibility, and analytics.

In this guest post, Richard Sunley from Talkwalker gives a high level overview of the product and a taste of what's possible. Enjoy!

Introducing Social Data Intelligence From Talkwalker

We’re delighted to have recently partnered with Klipfolio and in the following blog we wanted to give you a little insight into what Talkwalker does and how it can help your company. Essentially we are a firm that specializes in providing companies, brands and organizations with deep insights based on cutting edge social data intelligence technology. Klipfolio users will now be able to incorporate certain Talkwalker data sets directly into Klipfolio dashboards. But Talkwalker offers a whole host of other functions that Klipfolio users can integrate into their dashboards with a Talkwalker subscription.

We call our mixture of social listening, analytics and reporting “social data intelligence” so first let’s dive into exactly what that means.

What’s “Social Data Intelligence”?

Screenshot of the main social media analytics page of the Talkwalker platform

Screenshot of the main social media analytics page of the Talkwalker platform

Fundamentally, it’s about collecting public data, usually in text form, from social networks, blogs, forums, you name it, any public article, post, tweet or video that contains text, can be analyzed.

Talkwalker tracks over 150 million websites from 500 million sources in 187 languages so the coverage is pretty comprehensive.

Once we’ve collected all online mentions of a particular keyword, phrase, social media account or other parameter, we then start to analyze it from all sorts of angles. This includes the number of results, the countries and regions mentions are coming from, the websites and social accounts driving the most engagement, gender breakdown and the general sentiment of the posts.

Special filters can also be added to give you even deeper insights by prioritizing posts from influential people and sources, tracking the success of a specific article and even monitoring posts from a specific GPS defined location.

What Makes Talkwalker Different

Screenshot of Talkwalker’s easy to use IQ App for Competitive Intelligence

There are a couple of things that make Talkwalker different from your average social media analytics tool.

  1. The Power – Our 1500+ servers make the platform one of the most powerful on the market when it comes to tracking and analyzing online mentions of your brand. Users also have the option of adding data from print publications and video content. As a Twitter Official Partner, Talkwalker provides full coverage of all tweets through the Twitter firehose and our proprietary crawling technology ensures that data coverage is accurate and comprehensive.
  2. Ease of Use – It’s all very well being able to track millions of sources in hundreds of languages but for such data to be useful it needs to be easy to analyze. Talkwalker’s simple user interface, intuitive set up and predefined dashboards “IQ Apps” make social media analytics easy, fast and even enjoyable. Results can also easily be filtered using a wide range of Boolean operators and search queries.
  3. Flexibility – Social data holds lots of insights on its own but when combined with other data sources, particularly, private, internal sources, the insights become even more actionable. Talkwalker’s unique structure allows for data to be used in many different ways such as the API used by Klipfolio and a recently introduced integration with Hootsuite. This flexibility means that Talkwalker data can be combined, sliced and diced in every which way. You can also get instant access to two years of historical data to give your insights even better context.
  4. Support – Finally, with every powerful technological innovation there are always going to be a few problems and glitches along the way. To make sure clients can get the most out of Talkwalker, we provide top class customer support that will help you every step of the way and make sure you know exactly how to get the most out of social data. We’ll also show you how insights from social data can be scaled throughout the enterprise so you can get maximum value from your Talkwalker subscription.

How To Use It

Once you get started the use cases are endless.

Crisis Management – Talkwalker’s live monitoring capability lets PR and Communications officers as well as upper management keep careful track of any mentions of their brand, key personnel or keywords during a crisis. Fluctuations in social sentiment and buzz can be monitored and results can be filtered by location, language and even follower numbers so you can focus on the results that are most relevant to you.

Talkwalker’s specialized crisis tracking IQ App helps you monitor a crisis in real-time

Talkwalker’s specialized crisis tracking IQ App helps you monitor a crisis in real-time

Market Research – Advanced social media analytics lets you tap into the biggest focus group in the world with people from all over the globe posting their opinion about products, brands and services on all sorts of platforms. Talkwalker can track and analyze mentions from all major social networks like Twitter and Facebook as well as specialist forums and even reviews on Amazon product pages.

Campaign Management – For most major companies, multichannel marketing is now the norm with messaging and images coordinated across both online and offline channels. Talkwalker’s wide array of online and offline analytics allows marketing and comms teams to monitor campaigns by the minute and refine strategy in real-time. And with the integration of sales data using Klipfolio, campaign ROI can be calculated.

That’s just a small selection of the ways you can use social data. And when combined with other data sources like sales data or Google Analytics data using Klipfolio, the resulting insights become even more valuable. You can read more about how you can use Talkwalker and Klipfolio on our blog.

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