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Customer Spotlight: See how Spoonity helps quick service restaurants with customer loyalty

Published 2017-11-02, updated 2023-02-01

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Summary - Learn how Spoonity uses Klipfolio to build detailed dashboard reports for their customers so they can easily track reward app performance.

Spoonity CEO & Co-Founder Max Bailey, is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about helping restaurants grow and attract new customers. He’s especially motivated to reach younger generations by focusing on marketing operations, data analysis and resource management. In just 6 short years, the team at Spoonity have helped restaurants complete over 10 million transactions.

About Spoonity

Spoonity is a loyalty rewards platform that enables businesses to provide loyalty rewards program, gift cards, and online ordering through a custom branded smartphone app.

Customers can register, track points and add money to their mobile wallets. Points can be awarded for items purchased, dollars spent or number of visits. The process is simple for customers and staff, which keeps a business running smoothly.

Why Spoonity chose Klipfolio

With amazing success, comes growth. Spoonity is now a global company, with departments and team members located around the world.

With such a big change, the team quickly recognized the need to track key metrics across departments and roles that were starting to become more formalized. The Spoonity team, now uses Klipfolio to track metrics for sales, marketing, accounting, customer success, and onboarding.

Spoonity Customer Spotlight

“With Klipfolio, we’ve identified new opportunities and addressed critical problems that were limiting our business.” says CEO & Co-Founder Max Bailey.

After building out internal dashboards and creating a data-driven team culture, the Spoonity team recognized that the power and flexibility of Klipfolio could extend even further.

“We wanted to provide metrics for our merchants to monitor their programs in new and creative ways.” said Max.

How Spoonity uses Klipfolio for their clients

Spoonity now offers detailed dashboard reports for their customers so they can easily track reward app performance. The dashboards make it easy for Spoonity customers to track metrics like:

  • Most valuable clients
  • Most profitable customers
  • Demographics
  • Top selling items
  • And more!

The Spoonity team also took advantage of centralizing a lot of their customer interactions by signing up for the HubSpot for Startups program, which gives seed stage startups 90% off HubSpot’s marketing and sales tools.

Max says, "We use both HubSpot and Klipfolio and the combination is awesome. Klipfolio allows our management team to monitor our sales, marketing, accounting, customer success, and onboarding all in one place which keeps our entire team on the same page."

Advice from Spoonity CEO

Like most startups, Spoonity started early in their metric monitoring journey which Max recommends to all other startups.

Whether you start with manual excel reports or real-time dashboards, getting your team to rally around key metrics is critical to any business’ success.

How Spoonity builds dashboards

And of course, no Klipfolio case study is complete without highlighting a couple of the data sources being used by Spoonity in their dashboards:

  • HubSpot
  • QuickBooks
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook
  • Zendesk
  • Custom Databases

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