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Astrea IT is a consulting firm, focused on providing the best experience on cloud based CRM’s and Analytical tools. We help our clients take advantage of their data and transform it, provide insights, and help them achieve their strategic objectives.

Astrea IT provides Klipfolio expertise and are one of the top rated partners in the Asia Pacific region and have successfully implemented over 300 Klipfolio projects. Our deep knowledge of Klipfolio and its capabilities allows us to integrate it with various data sources and develop out of the box methodologies to achieve the goals of our clients. Astrea has successfully integrated Klipfolio with more than 50+ different platforms. We have developed applications for both REST and SOAP based APIs and also have Basic HTTP, OAuth and 2-Step authentication.

We also work with companies in: US, UK, EU, Middle East and APAC

Our typical clients are: SME, Marketing Agencies, Colleges & Universities, Consultants and Non Profits






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