Explore all the different ways you can use Klipfolio to gain better data insights.

By Use Case

Looking for a solution to your business analytics and monitoring problems? We have it!

Since 2001, Klipfolio has been helping businesses and team succeed with data. No matter the complexity or challenge we are here to help you gain the business advantage you need by enabling the data insights you need to drive better data driven decisions.

Here is a small list of common apps, use cases, departments and industries to give you a glimsp of what is possible with Klipfolio's platform.

By Department

Every department needs a dashboard/report to gain the insights they need to perform at their best. Here are some of the most common departments using Klipfolio today: Accounting/Finance, Analysts, Digital Ads, Executives/Founders, HR, Marketing, Operations, Product Management, SaaS, Sales, Social Media, Customer Support, UX.


By Industry

Klipfolio is used across almost every industry as getting data insights is needed by everyone. Here are just a couple examples of where we are being used: Airlines Dashboard, eCommerce, Healthcare, Hotels, Insurance, Manufacturing, Not for Profits, Professional Services and Startups.

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Don’t worry! Head on over to our integrations page to see our connectors and how they can help you, or check out our dashboard examples section for more visualizations tips and ideas! We're always working to bring you more content, check back soon to see if we've added your department or role.

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