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Build an Instagram dashboard with Klipfolio

Instagram Dashboard
Instagram Dashboard - Logo

Custom Instagram dashboards

Create Instagram dashboards to track your social media marketing KPIs and metrics. Develop custom dashboards using Instagram's API or use pre-built metrics and dashboards to get value fast. Combine your Instagram data with services like Facebook, Google Analytics, Twitter, and more to build dashboards.

Why create a dashboard with your Instagram data?

  • Showcases data in real-time with automatic updates.
  • Allows you and your employees to visualize your data.
  • Gives everyone access to the same information with easy sharing capabilities.
  • Allows for visualizations, colours, and indicators to make your numbers stand out.
Instagram Dashboard - Data Sources

Custom Instagram data sources

Create sophisticated Instagram dashboards by querying your data using the Klipfolio data connector. Use a pre-built query or craft your own.

Instagram Custom Dashboard - TV icon

Beautiful TV dashboards

Share your Instagram dashboards on TVs throughout your office and give your team visibility into your social media marketing efforts.

Instagram TV Dashboard
Instagram Dashboard - Data visualizations

Create custom visualizations

Use the Klip Editor to design and build custom visualizations using your Instagram data.

Use a pre-built Instagram dashboard

Instantly track social media data by using a pre-built Instagram dashboard. These have been built to surface social KPIs like engagement, top performing posts, conversions, and more.

Use pre-built Instagram metrics

Assemble an Instagram dashboard by selecting pre-built metrics from the Klip Gallery.

Building a dashboard with Instagram

Ready to start building your custom dashboard using Instagram? Before you get started, take the time to read this blog. You'll learn all about:

  • Best practices for building with Instagram
  • Basics on Instagram analytics
  • Instagram analytics for business
  • Four metrics you can add right away
  • And more!

Need some inspiration?

Take a look at an Instagram dashboard example.