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Bring your Instagram data into a dashboard to measure audience insights, engagement, and messaging for an influential, and impactful, Instagram presence.

Track your Instagram metrics on a custom dashboard

Automate the collection of your Instagram data on a PowerMetrics dashboard to track your impressions, reach, or followers. Report back on your Instagram advertising ROI with a detailed dashboard to understand what content works for your brand and how your audience engages with your content. Explore beyond what Instagram’s analytics UI offers by adding filters, segments, and dimensions to your Instagram reports.

Choose from a number of pre-built Instagram metrics, create custom metrics, or create calculated metrics to combine formulas for deep insight and analysis.

Instagram Metrics | Impressions


Impressions is the total number of times a post was visible in user timelines or feeds.

Instagram Metrics | Followers


Followers is the number of users who have chosen to follow another user’s or company’s posts.

Instagram Metrics | Account Reach

Account Reach

Account Reach is the total number of unique accounts that have viewed posts or ads published by an account on social media.

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Why do I need an Instagram dashboard?

  • Use your Instagram data to create visualizations. Modify colours to match your brand palette, pick your chart type, or modify the date range to create a custom dashboard that helps you track your progress.
  • Combine your Instagram data with additional social media advertising data from Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn to create the ultimate social media marketing dashboard.
  • Have control over your metrics and use them to make data-driven decisions.

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