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Build a custom HubSpot dashboard to monitor marketing performance

HubSpot Dashboard

Your HubSpot integration to build dashboards and reports

HubSpot offers a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer success, with a completely free CRM at its core. HubSpot inbound marketing software helps your business get found online, convert your website traffic into leads & customers, and optimize based on your results.

Integrating HubSpot with Klipfolio allows you to develop custom dashboards that give you and your team insight into your performance. Pull key metrics from your HubSpot account into a dashboard that's up-to-date and easy to share with the whole team. Take your dashboard to the next level by combining your HubSpot data with services like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and hundreds more.

Connect to your HubSpot data

You can connect to HubSpot three different ways. With our Klip Gallery, you can connect and add pre-built metrics to build a dashboard quickly. Looking to make your own visualizations? Use our Connector Gallery and the pre-built API queries to pull in some of the most common HubSpot data, or build your own connections to pull in even more data.

Combine your HubSpot data with other services

HubSpot offers you a fantastic glimpse into your inbound marketing and sales data. With Klipfolio, you can combine that data with data from 100s of other cloud based services to build a custom dashboard.

HubSpot - Combining Data Sources

Create custom visualizations

Use the Klip Editor to design and build custom visualizations using your HubSpot data. Building your own visualizations allows you to easy interpret your data and make real-time decisions.

Build client dashboards

Are you looking for a reporting solution for your clients? With Klipfolio, you can build and import HubSpot dashboards between client accounts making it fast and easy to show the data they care about.

Hubspot Dashboard

Beautiful TV dashboards

Don't get stuck building manual reports. Get your HubSpot data up on the big screen so your entire team can rally behind your numbers.

Hubspot TV Dashboard

Use pre-built HubSpot metrics

Assemble a HubSpot dashboard by selecting pre-built metrics from the Klip Gallery.

Klip Template | HubSpot - Blog Subscribers

Blog Subscribers (This Month)

Track the number of subscribers for this month and compare it against the last month subscribers count.


Klip Template | HubSpot - Blog Views

Blog Views (This Month)

Compare how many people looked at your blog this month and last month, and use the handy indicator to quickly see if the percentage of views is up or down.


Klip Template | HubSpot - Blogs


Use this at-a-glance chart to track when your latest blog posts came out, and what their topic was.


Klip Template | HubSpot - Landing Page Views

HubSpot Landing Page Views

Make sure your website is generating interest by tracking the number of views over the time period of your choice.


Klip Template | HubSpot - Landing Page Leads

Landing Page Leads

With data as your secret weapon, turn your landing page in to a lead-generation powerhouse.


Klip Template | HubSpot - Landing Page Stats

Landing Page Stats (This Month)

A quick and easy report on the status of a landing page, featuring a list of key landing page metrics for this month.


Klip Template | HubSpot - Landing Page Submissions Over Time

Landing Page Submissions Over Time (This Month)

Track submissions on your chosen landing page this month.


Klip Template | HubSpot - Lead Lifecycle

Lead Lifecycle

Take your marketing funnel to the next level! This is a complete lead lifecycle funnel with total numbers at each stage, with visualizations of your progress.


Klip Template | HubSpot - Leads by Source

Leads by Source

Segment your leads by source and discover which sources are bringing in the most and the least leads during the time period of your choice.


Klip Template | HubSpot - List Growth

List Growth

Select one of your HubSpot lists and see how it has grown over the past 30 days.


Klip Template | HubSpot - Revenue This Month

Revenue This Month

Track your total revenue this month, and compare it to last month and your revenue growth rate.


Klip Template | HubSpot - Top Keywords by Leads

Top 10 Keywords by Leads

Compare your top 10 keywords with the number of leads they generate.


Klip Template | HubSpot - Top Keywords by Visits

Top 10 Keywords by Visits

Compare your top 10 keywords with the number of visits they generate.


Klip Template | HubSpot - Unsubscribed and Bounced Emails

Unsubscribed and Bounced Emails (Last 30 Days)

Plot the number of the email recipients that either unsubscribed or bounced within the past 30 Days.


Klip Template | HubSpot - Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Track your HubSpot calendar events for the next 7 days.


Klip Template | HubSpot - Website Leads

Website Leads

Make sure you are getting a steady stream of leads to your website.