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Build an Amazon Redshift dashboard to monitor your performance

Amazon Redshift dashboard

Turn your Amazon Redshift queries into beautiful data visualizations

Tired of running the same queries day in and day out? With Klipfolio, you can use custom queries to build powerful dashboards that update automatically for you. They’re also easy to share with your entire company, so you’ll save hours on manual reporting.

Connect Your Data

With Klipfolio, you can connect directly to Amazon Redshift and 100s of other services. Build queries to specify the data you want to pull in and decide how often you want that data to refresh.

Custom Visualizations

Our custom visualizations make it easy to understand Amazon Redshift queries. Choose from standard data visualizations like charts, bullet charts, and scatter plots. Or get creative and inject custom HTML into your dashboard. The choice is yours.

Sophisticated Formulas

You love working with data and might want to dig a bit deeper. We’ve got you covered. You can use our formula bar to execute calculations, join data, or mashup multiple data sources to create your custom data visualizations.

Sharing Options

You’re asked to run queries for your colleagues day in and day out. Which is why we’ve made sharing easy with Klipfolio. You can send coworkers automated emails, share data through slack, or publish a link to your dashboard.

Automated Refresh

Let your dashboards do all the heavy lifting with flexible refresh rates. Want to see how metrics change minute over minute or day over day? You can customize how often your Amazon Redshift data refreshes in Klipfolio based on your specific needs. From every minute to every day, the choice is completely yours.

See how easy it is to build dashboards using your Amazon Redshift data