Build a LinkedIn dashboard with PowerMetrics

Connect your LinkedIn company page to PowerMetrics to track your social media marketing and KPIs.

Track your LinkedIn marketing metrics on a dashboard

Connect your LinkedIn page to PowerMetrics to create the ultimate dashboard to track your progress against your goals and KPIs and make informed decisions on future strategy.

Choose from our pre-built LinkedIn Pages connectors to track your LinkedIn marketing metrics or create custom metrics using your LinkedIn data. Track your follower growth, post engagement, or click-through rate, all from a single dashboard.

LinkedIn Metrics | Content Engagement

Content Engagement

Content Engagement measures all engagements resulting from content generated in a social media account including shares, reactions, comments, and re-tweets.

LinkedIn Metrics | Followers


Followers is the number of users who have chosen to follow another user’s or company’s posts.

LinkedIn Metrics | Post Shares

Post Shares

Post Shares is the total number of times a post was shared on social media platforms.

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Why do I need a LinkedIn dashboard?

  • Create data visualizations using your LinkedIn Pages data. Select your data visualization, modify the colours, or use a specific date range to create a dashboard that helps you measure your progress.
  • Have complete control over your metrics to make data-driven decisions.
  • Combine your LinkedIn analytics with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on one dashboard and get a full-picture of your social media marketing performance.

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