Build a OneDrive dashboard with PowerMetrics

Create a data dashboard using any document or sheet from your OneDrive account.

Track your Microsoft OneDrive data on a dashboard

Upload your OneDrive document or spreadsheet to PowerMetrics and visualize your data for you and your team to track. Design your dashboard by selecting your visualizations, selecting custom colours, and modifying time periods.

Why do I need a OneDrive dashboard?

  • Automatically update OneDrive data visualizations on your dashboard, create custom metrics, and combine OneDrive with hundreds of other cloud-based data services to create the ultimate business dashboard.
  • Explore the possibilities with our robust data modeller. Model your data for a cleaner, simplified version for metric creation, or organize and order data from multiple sheets into one table format. Reuse your modelled data source in all applicable formulas and metrics.

Combine OneDrive with popular data services

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