Build a Stripe dashboard with PowerMetrics

Build a Stripe dashboard to track your online payments and billing processes.

Track your Stripe metrics on a made-for-you dashboard

Connect your custom Stripe data to PowerMetrics to monitor your billing model and subscriptions with ease and focus on the key metrics within your payment processes.

Connect your Stripe data with pre-built connectors in PowerMetrics, or export your Stripe data to create custom and calculated metrics for deeper insight and analysis.

Stripe Metrics | Payment Charges


The amount of money charged from accounts via Stripe.

Stripe Metrics | Payment Acceptance Rate

Payment Acceptance Rate

Payment acceptance is the percentage of payments that are successful out of those payments that are attempted.

Stripe Metrics | Payouts


The amount of money paid out from Stripe to your bank account.

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Why do I need a Stripe dashboard?

  • Visualize your billing processes for quick insights and analysis. Filter and segment your data or apply a custom date range to create a dashboard that helps you measure your progress against your targets.
  • Combine your Stripe data with other data services, like Shopify and QuickBooks for the ultimate dashboard that measures business performance.

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