Build a YouTube dashboard with PowerMetrics

Bring your YouTube performance analytics into PowerMetrics so you can understand your audience and engagement insights—all in one place.

Track your YouTube metrics to understand which videos create buzz for your brand

  • Securely connect your YouTube account data
  • Visualize metrics like subscribers, views, and likes to identify trends and predict outcomes
  • Combine your YouTube data with similar social media services to build the ultimate social media dashboard
  • Spend less time copying and pasting screenshots, and more time acting on the insights
  • Access your dashboard from anywhere for answers on-the-go
YouTube Metrics | Subscribers


The most important metric to measure your growth. Track the number of people who have subscribed to your channel.

YouTube Metrics | Average View Duration

Average View Duration

Track the average length, in seconds, of video playbacks for your top 100 videos.

YouTube Metrics | Video Watch Time

Video Watch Time

Measure how much time has been spent watching your top 100 videos.

Visit MetricHQ to discover the full library of YouTube metrics

Why do I need a YouTube dashboard?

  • Have complete control over your metrics to make data-driven decisions
  • Get insights quickly with pre-built metrics or by connecting to the YouTube API
  • Monitor YouTube performance through multiple video marketing KPIs
  • Combine YouTube data with data from other sources like Facebook Ads or Google Analytics
  • Measure YouTube attribution to website conversions

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