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"Klipfolio's automated reporting allows us to focus on what's important. Reporting no longer takes hours, it's all automated and live."

Tim Ceuppens, Online Marketing Dude, bakerMEN


"Klipfolio helps me manage a large portfolio of strategic projects with dashboards that inform executive stakeholders and facilitate the active governance required to maintain a balanced and aligned project portfolio in a highly dynamic healthcare IT landscape."

Jon Barrow, Director of Application Services, Benefis Health System


"Great technology can not exist without great people behind it. Klipfolio is not only one of the very best dashboarding platforms out there, it's first and foremost a fantastic team of bright and dedicated women and men. That's why KWANTYX is such a proud partner"

Jacques Warren, CEO, KWANTYX

We have a plan that fits your business

Partner Publish


Agencies, consultants or solution providers who need to build and manage customized dashboards.
Partner Grow


Small agencies, consultants or solution providers who are looking for an easier way to provide custom built dashboards to their clients.
Branded Starter Kit


Agencies, solution provides or OEMs who need to automate reports and create dashboards with a white label design that reflects your brand. Ask your account manager about this Bundle, you save 30%

Your success is our success

Elevate client relationships and drive unbeatable results illustration

Money really does grow on trees

Klipfolio fits into your business model with white labelling and various billing options. Present Klipfolio dashboards as your own, build services revenue around them, or have Klipfolio bill your clients. We’ll find a way to work with you so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Elevate client relationships and drive unbeatable results illustration

Elevate client relationships and drive unbeatable results

Position yourself as a trusted advisor and improve your client relationships. Keep your clients in the loop on their performance to help them make smarter, real-time decisions that drive revenue.

Set goals and track them against performance for multiple client accounts, all in one place, so you can stay on top of your game.

Monitor client performance with dynamic Client Dashboards illustration

Monitor client performance with dynamic data analytics

We power businesses like yours every single day. With automated reporting and interactive dashboards, you can not only store and display all of your clients’ KPIs in one place, but save time and money.

Take advantage of the fastest growing API and connectivity ecosystem. Choose from hundreds of pre-built visualizations, or create your own.

Works with everything illustration

Works with everything

Build and display the metrics you need by combining data from multiple sources into a single visualization. Take your dashboarding to the next level by connecting your existing applications with Klipfolio, meaning all of your data in one place.

We make it easy to build and share your data with hundreds of pre-built visualizations from hundreds of data sources; so you can get your dashboard up and running in minutes.

Get support every step of the way illustration

Get support every step of the way

We get that dashboarding can sometimes feel complicated. Which is why we offer free training resources through our support team, online training, and certification programs. Still having trouble? Consider adding Ninja Services to your plan.

Our team of pro dashboard builders will provide you with the one-on-one assistance you need to ensure you are headed down the right path.

Make it your own illustration

Make it your own

How you choose to use Klipfolio to drive success is up to you; the possibilities are endless. Start with one of Klipfolio’s base plans before selecting from awesome add-ons like white labelling, Ninja Services, custom data storage, and your own domain alias.

Replacing Klipfolio branding gives you the opportunity to sell dashboards as your own, creating new revenue streams, and driving your business to new heights. Share your dashboard creations internally or with your clients using a wide range of sharing and publishing capabilities.

Benefit from Klipfolio’s innovative partner community illustration

Benefit from Klipfolio’s innovative partner community

Share and accelerate through existing best practices by joining Klipfolio’s Partner network. Your unique capabilities will be discovered by a larger market through our Partner Directory.

Browse for yourself to gain insights on how other partners have added value to their business with Klipfolio.

Results for your clients. Full control for your team.

Financial Services

As a financial services firm, you monitor current performance, learn from past trends, and plan for future growth. Do it all in real-time with Klipfolio.

Marketing Agencies

From global ad agencies to boutique digital shops, hundreds of marketing agencies are growing their businesses with Klipfolio.

SEO/SEM Consultants

Differentiate your business using Klipfolio’s dynamic dashboards to create vibrant, custom data visualizations and track performance.


As a manufacturer managing countless moving parts, we understand the need for solid systems to track data through all processes. Streamline and take control of your data with the help of Klipfolio dashboards.

Business Solutions Providers

Helping your clients monitor and improve performance has never been easier. With Klipfolio dashboards, let the numbers do the talking, allowing your clients to focus on what matters.

Analytics Firms and System Integrators

We get you. Analytics are everything. Let’s work together to create beautiful dashboards and achieve the best results for you and your clients.

Inbound Marketing Agency

As an inbound marketing agency, analytics are the powerful data that tell the story of your service offering's performance. Whether you offer SEO, PPC, content, email, or social we have you covered.

Let’s be friends. Kick-start your data-driven journey.

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