Klipfolio for Business Solution Providers

Use Klipfolio to build dashboard solutions for clients, or add dashboarding to your existing applications.

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Top 4 reasons to build your solutions with Klipfolio


White Labelling so your solution can reflect your brand

Deliver dashboards solutions that are powered by Klipfolio, but that reflect your brand and design preferences. With Klipfolio, entire dashboard interfaces can be customized, from the sign-in page and the logos on the dashboard right down to the documentation and the dashboard CSS. Dashboard experiences and functionality can also be adjusted to address your your business's unique value proposition.

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Business Solution Provider Dashboards - White Labelling

Affordable, predictable, unit-based discounts.

We’re committed to your success as a business solutions provider, and eager to match your commitment to Klipfolio with discounts that increase your profitability. Unit-based discounts can be arranged based on volume (accounts, seats, dashboards etc.), or on restrictions surrounding dashboard use and functionality.

Business Solution Provider Dashboards - Affordability

Powerful, flexible and RESTful API and database connections.

You can connect Klipfolio dashboards to almost any data source, whether it lives on a server, in a database or in the cloud. This helps you support a wide variety of use-cases and data monitoring challenges.

Business Solution Provider Dashboards - Servers, cloud, and database connections

Manage all your client dashboards centrally, and deploy through turnkey templates.

As a Klipfolio partner, you get access to our dashboard management hub. This lets you manage multiple client accounts in a single place. More importantly, it allows each of your clients to have their own dashboard.

  • Set up client accounts in just a few clicks
  • Manage access rights to dashboards
  • Set up demo accounts for prospective clients
Business Solution Provider Dashboards - Client Management

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