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Dashboard navigation using hyperlinks

Dashboard navigation using hyperlinks

The hyperlinks feature allows you to do some pretty cool things on your business dashboard. I use hyperlinks in two different ways to save time and allow me to dig deeper into my data. The first method is to hyperlink to individual dashboard tabs in an "organization overview" style of Klip. The second method is to link to web resources like Google Analytics to view the in-depth report when I need more information about a KPI.

Save time - Link to dashboard tabs

If you're like me, you organize similar KPIs on dashboard tabs to create reports about a department, project, or customer. As you create new tabs for a department, it is stored in Klipfolio Dashboard's library and will have a permalink created for it. Using the tab's permalink you can point users to any tab in your Library. Even tabs not actively displayed on your dashboard are accessible this way.

My example Klip takes this concept one step further. The purpose of this Klip is to provide a rating that analyzes the performance of each department in my organization. When a department needs my attention, I can click on the link and view the complete KPI presenation for any department.

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klipfolio - link to dashboard tabs

Dig deeper - Link to external resources

When a metric needs your attention, it helps to be able to quickly access the data or report backing your Klip. The KPI in my example monitors the performance of my website using Google Analytics data. For each page I am monitoring in my Klip, I have included a link to the corresponding page in Analytics. Using this Klip, I can dig deeper into my data when I need to see exactly what is going wrong.

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klipfolio - link to external resources

Remember to check all of your links before you share your Klip!


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