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Klipfolio's Top News Makers - #5. Web and Mobile Beta

Klipfolio's Top News Makers - #5. Web and Mobile Beta

2011 has been an important year here at Klipfolio and we are very optimistic about the coming year. But before we take a look ahead at 2012, I thought it would be cool to look back at this past year.

If you've wandered over to our Press Room lately, then you've probably noticed this has been a year of news makers at Klipfolio. Let's take a look at Klipfolios Top 5 News Makers.

Klipfolio - top 5 news makers

Headline: Klipfolio Announces Beta For New Cloud-Based KPI Dashboard


On June 22, 2011 Klipfolio announced the beta program for its web and mobile KPI dashboard. In the office, everyone collectively held their breath waiting to see if the beta would take off. After all, we were anxious to see if our hard work during the year long alpha would yield real results. In the end, the beta release proved to be a big success.


The development of Klipfolio Dashboard web and mobile has been a true-user driven process, involving the world's largest brands and some of the most conservative and security conscious organizations. Their input throughout the Alpha and Beta is baked into the DNA of our mobile KPI dashboard.

Extra! Extra!

The first grainy photos of Klipfolio Dashboard released on Facebook in May 2011 hinted at the upcoming Beta. Check out the Facebook Album dedicated to this News Maker.


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