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9 features to love in version 1.9

9 features to love in version 1.9

The development team here at Klipfolio has been burning the candle at both ends to get version 1.9 out the door. Now, only days away from the release, we're ready to share with you the 9 most highly anticipated features of this release.

9. New and improved "Finished" button.

This subtle change is going to make it a lot easier to edit Klips. Previously when you opened a Klip for editing, the only way to save your changes was to click the Save or Save Copy buttons, and that would return you to the Dashboard. Once version 1.9 goes live, you will be able to use the new Finished button to save changes to your Klip without having to exit the Klip Editor.

Klipfolio - Klip Editor

8. New functions

Almost every release we push comes with some new functions, and this release is no different. Once 1.9 goes live, you will be able to use functions like SORT, RANK, COUNTIF, SUMIF, DATERANGE and more. The best way to see how these new functions work is to crack open a Klip in the Klip Editor and tour the help file (just look for the little question marks). Better yet, start using these functions to manipulate your data.

7. New formula presentation

One of the issues we've had with the Klip Editor was how best to present formula and formula elements, especially when you are working on nested formulas with multiple elements. The new formula presentation is designed to make it easier to spot individual elements in your formula so you can quickly select the element you want to edit. (For an image, see the next entry on this list).

6. New formula editing toolbar

Say goodbye to the floating formula editing toolbar and say hello to the new, stationary formula bar. This bar is now fixed below the formula editor, so it will no longer get in the way of selecting the Properties or Indicators tab.

Klipfolio - Properties and indicators tab

5. Custom XPath editing and XPath selection UI

One of the most common problems our users encounter is working with structured file formats like JSON and XML. The XPath data selection tool is designed for users that are unfamiliar with these file formats but want to get data from sources like Google Analytics API into a Klip. Contrast that with the custom XPath editing tool, which is designed to empower advanced users so they can leverage their expertise to get the exact data they need. This feature has a little extra something for everyone, and just from working with it in our testing environment, I know you will appreciate this feature, too.

Klipfolio - custom XPath editing and selection

4. New IFrame and HTML Klip types

These two components are going to be a solid addition to any dashboard you create. The IFrame component is ideal for displaying web content within a Klip, such as videos or an important page on your company's website. It works like a mini-browser on your dashboard and you can navigate the website from within the Klip. The HTML component, on the other hand, is going to be very useful for advanced users and developers who want to create custom KPIs. The HTML Klip type lets you use custom HTML, inline CSS, and assign one or more series of data to the Klip. We've even included support for a template language to inject data from your data source into the Klip.

3. Revamped Klip Editor

Above and beyond the 4 changes to the Klip Editor I've already mentioned, the entire workspace is getting an overhaul. The crux of the update to the Klip Editor is the ability to resize the three main areas of the workspace: the component tree, the panels at the bottom of the workspace, and the Klip preview. This will make it easier to edit Klips, especially when you are working on a table with a large number of rows.

Klipfolio - revamped klip editor

2. Klip data update animation

This new feature is straightforward and very practical. Whenever Klipfolio Dashboard detects a change in the data backing a Klip, the Klip update animation will be triggered. The really cool thing is that the animation will occur each time you log in to your dashboard (provided the data behind your Klips has changed).

1. Support for LinkedIn

We're adding support for the popular social media site LinkedIn. To connect to this data source, you will need to create an OAuth token (we'll guide you through the process) and use the LinkedIn API to retrieve data from your account. Now, along with Twitter and Facebook, you will be to create an awesome social media dashboard.

Klipfolio - linkedin support

Your dashboard, your voice

If there is one thing we love, it's hearing from customers, users, and prospects about what features they want to see in their dashboard. In case you didn't know, you can join the conversation over at our support site. There are always lots of great ideas being shared, so make your voice heard and help us to make Klipfolio Dashboard for web and mobile even better.


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