Happy Dashboarding

Barking up the real-time dashboard tree

Barking up the real-time dashboard tree

A few days ago, one of our customers tweeted us a screenshot of his dashboard. The image immediately grabbed the attention of the entire office, and before I knew it, pretty much everyone had gathered around my desk to see the dashboard. It certainly had all the elements of a captivating dashboard: it displayed real-time data, it was aesthetically pleasing, and it showed a live puppy cam. Needless to say, we shared a few "oohs" and "aahs".

klipfolio - live puppy cam

But beyond the cuteness factor, the puppy cam Klip illustrates a novel solution to a modern problem -- we're often so busy, we neglect other areas of our life. While the caricature of a workaholic staying late every night may be the first thing that comes to mind, this isn't the only problem we face. In a recent US Census report it was found that the average commuter travels about 25 miles each way to work (that's about an hour each way). This is a staggering number, and one that indicates that we are unwittingly spending more time away from the homestead.

Connected to what matters all the time

A puppy cam is nice and cute, but it also is one part of the larger home security puzzle. Web cams are a popular way to stay connected to what's going on at your house whether that's your puppy, children, or general home security. As a bonus, many are accessible using a URL. The cool thing, as exemplified by the puppy cam dashboard, is that you can put the web cam feed right beside all of your other business data using a real-time dashboard. Better yet, being able to check that dashboard on the bus, or on any other device you may have during your daily commute.

How to do it

Building a puppy cam Klip is remarkably simple. Here's how:

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Special Thanks...

To Michael Hill for sharing his dashboard. Check out these links to learn more about the man behind the dashboard: