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Q4 2014 Klipfolio Dashboard Release Roundup

Q4 Klipfolio release roundup

Klipfolio Dashboard received a number of important updates in 2014, and we finished the 4th Quarter of 2014 on a high note. We made a number of enhancements to user experience, made it easier to create dashboards using common services, and made key investments in infrastructure. And, that's just a hint of what we have in store for 2015. Check out the changes.

klipfolio - web analytics

Google Analytics KlipStart

In October 2014, CEO Allan Wille announced a new product feature we've called "KlipStarts." KlipStarts are pre-built dashboards that are automatically generated for users using data pulled from common cloud services. Our first KlipStart features Google Analytics, and provides an in-depth view of your website's performance. If you haven't tried it yet, you should take it for a spin now! Of course, this is only a taste of what's in store for KlipStarts – so stay tuned for more news (hint: you won't have to wait long).

klipfolio - zoom controls

Zoom and label dropping for Series Charts

Dashboard design aficionados will rejoice at the news that we've migrated to the latest version of HighCharts. The improvements range from the subtle – minor performance improvements and automatic label dropping when resizing a Klip – to the eye-catching – zooming in on specific data points for series and scatter charts resulting in improved visual appeal. The end result is a charting system that is in harmony with Klipfolio Dashboard’s modern design sensibilities.

submit button

Submit button

Sometimes, it’s the small things that really make a difference. This is how we feel about the new Submit button component. It works in tandem with the User Input Control component to allow users to refresh data selections on-demand. Not only does this component help improve user experience and dashboard performance, it also opens up new avenues to explore when creating forms for use on a dashboard. Check out the documentation.

klipfolio - visual cue

Visual cue when loading

We rolled out a visual cue to clearly show when the dashboard is updating the data behind your Klips. You may see the visual cue when you make a data selection from a user input control and your Klips need to update. Combined with the ability to review data refresh information, we've made sure you have greater visibility into the latency of your data.

klipfolio - formula execution symbol

Formula execution service

In 2014, Klipfolio Dashboard executed roughly 3 billion formulas. In Q4 2014, we made investing in our formula execution service a priority to ensure that as we grow (which we've been doing at a rapid pace) our performance remains consistent. For the end user, this means more consistent response times, and less time waiting for formulas to execute when selecting data from a user input control.

klipfolio update

Refresh service

An average day in 2014 saw Klipfolio Dashboard perform 1.5 million data refreshes. In Q4 2014, we made significant investments to ensure we can keep pace with our growth and deliver consistent data refreshes to our customers. These investments have already had an impact, and are expected to at least double refresh throughput with more scalable capacity options, and provide a more consistent refresh experience within accounts.

A taste of what's to come...

We will be rolling out a number of new features and and improvements in 2015. While we can't share them all with you now, we can give you a few hints:

  • A new KlipStart dashboard (using another very popular and oft-requested service)
  • Release of version 1.0 of the Klipfolio API (includes API Reference Guide)
  • More options for sharing your dashboard
  • Continued focus on performance and stability investments


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