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Release Roundup - What's new with Klipfolio Dashboard?

Release Roundup - What's new with Klipfolio Dashboard?

The latest release of Klipfolio Dashboard has a little something for everyone. For web analytics junkies, there's the Google Analytics connector; for partners and agencies, there's the import feature; and for Klip builders, there's a host of improvements to the Klip Editor.

Top 5 Features

The next time you sign in to app.klipfolio.com, you're going to be greeted by lots of great features that are designed to make your life easier. Here's my pick for the top 5 new features:

1. Google Analytics data connector

Retrieving data from your Google Analytics is as easy as opening a menu, selecting the metrics and dimensions you want to use, and then choosing the data retrieval period. If this sounds too good to be true, I suggest you head over to app.klipfolio.com and try it out for yourself. There's even an option for users familiar with the Google Analytics API. This connector really does have it all!

Docs: The Google Analytics data connector

Video: Use Google Analytics as a data source

Klipfolio - google analytics data connector

2. Import Klips, Tabs, and Data Sources (Partners Only)

This feature makes it easy for Partners/Agencies to import assets like Klips, Tabs, and Data Sources from one account to another. Typically, this will mean from your Master account to a client's account. The coolest part of this feature is that if you import an asset that has other assets associated with it, all of the associated assets will also be imported. As you can see from the image below, importing a tab results in importing all the Klips and data sources associated with that tab.

Docs: Import Klips, Tabs, and Data Sources

Klipfolio - data sources

3. Drag and drops Klips between tabs

This is one of those features that makes creating dashboards that much easier. You can rearrange Klips on a tab by dragging and dropping them, and now you can rearrange Klips on your dashboard using the same method. To create a new Tab using an existing Klip, just drag and drop that Klip on the new tab symbol.

Klipfolio - tabs

4. Indicators now work with Bar and Line Charts

This feature will allow you to adjust the colour of bars and line series in your charts based on a conditional threshold. For instance, if your website traffic drops below 6500 visits a day (as in the image below), the colour of the series will change from blue to red.

Klipfolio - bar and line charts

Docs: Bar/Line Charts

5. Undo/Redo button

With impressive features like the Google Analytics data connector, little features like the addition of undo and redo buttons to the Klip Editor often go unnoticed. If you've spent hours building Klips like I have, then I'm sure you'll appreciate this feature just as much as I do. Remember, it's often the little things that make the biggest difference!

Klipfolio - klip editor


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