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Insights away! Scheduled email reporting in 3 simple steps

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I've been working on a marketing dashboard for my team, and now that it's complete, I'm ready to share it with my colleagues. From the get-go, my intention was to design a simple dashboard that would be used on a daily basis by my marketing team. To that end, I've used a drop-down menu to allow my team to filter metrics for specific months.

klipfolio - dashboard email scheduling marketing example

Since this dashboard works well as a month-end report for management and executive team, I've decided to distribute it to them using the scheduled email reporting feature. Here's how it works in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Which dashboard shall we share?

On your dashboard, open the menu of the tab you want to distribute to your team and select "Share > Email tab". This will open a dialog, which you can use to send one-off emails to any member of your team (even if they aren't an authenticated Klipfolio user). To set up a scheduled email report, click the link provided in the dialog menu.

klipfolio - dashboard email scheduling step

Step 2: To which users shall you send?

You can set up scheduled email reports to go out to as many users as you'd like. When you select the "To" field, you will be provided with a list of all your users to choose from. You can also provide a brief note providing some context for the dashboard you are sharing, and choose whether you want to send it as a PDF or image file. My preference is to send image files since many email clients will provide a preview of the image for fast consumption.

klipfolio - dashboard scheduling step two

Step 3: When shall we send?

Click on the "Never" link to prompt the scheduling options to appear. You can set the frequency, the specific day, and send time for scheduled email reports. I want to send my report out on the 2nd day of each month at 8:00am EST (so it's one the first emails they will see when they arrive to work in the morning). Here are the options I've selected:

klipfolio - dashboard email scheduling step three

Insights away! How are you using the email reporting features?

We'd love to hear how you've been using the scheduled email feature. Are you using it to quickly share dashboards with your board of directors? Or maybe just to provide your team with a daily report? Let us know on Twitter or on our Google Community.


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