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Release Sneak Peek - Email reports, Klip Embedding, SSO & comScore

Release Sneak Peek - Email reports, Klip Embedding, SSO & comScore

The next release of Klipfolio is just around the corner, and it's loaded with goodies. Here's an overview of the key features that will go live with this release.

Automated Email Reporting

Share the story of your performance by sending out automated email reports that contain snapshots of any Klip or tab. To set up a report, select the email option from the Klip or tab menu and follow the directions to set up automated email reports. It's important to note that automated emails can only be sent to authenticated users; however, you can still manually send out emails to anyone you want.

Klip Embedding

This release also provides another way to share insights from your dashboard, Klip embedding. To set this up, open the Klip menu, select Embed Klip and adjust the various embed options, such as the name, description, width and border color and style. When you're done, just copy the code snippet generated by the application and paste it into the body of your website page (ask your web developer if you need help with this bit).

Single Sign-On

This feature lets you smoothly integrate your existing applications with Klipfolio Dashboard so your users only need to sign into one service to get access to all of them. Administrators can set this feature up in the Account section under Settings in the Single Sign-On section. To enable SSO, select the checkbox and generate a secret key. This key will be used by your developers to integrate Klipfolio with your existing applications.

comScore Data Source

comScore is a leader in the world of digital analytics and one of our most requested data sources. You asked for it, and we've delivered. The comScore connector is fully loaded and easy to use, just like the Google Analytics data connector. To get started, enter your comScore credentials and then select the report you want to use as a data source. Once you have your report, use the drop down menus to segment and filter the data retrieved.

And lots of other goodies...

This release is packed full of other goodies including the new bubble chart format, improvements to the Google Analytics data connector, and the ability for Klipfolio to send system messages to notify users of events like planned maintenance.

Stay tuned for our release announcement early next week!


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