Klipfolio Logo Brand Guidelines

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Our logo.

It’s well balanced and timeless.The font was uniquely crafted by expert typographers. They designed the corners and edges to have a soft feel and selected black and red colors to evoke a sense of urgency and action.

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Logo Colours

Logo Black

HEX: #000000

CMYK: C0 M0 Y0 K100

PMS Coated: Black 6C

Logo Red

HEX: #ed1c24

CMYK: C0 M94 Y100 K0

PMS Coated: 1795

Logo White

HEX: #ffffff

CMYK: C0 M0 Y0 K0

PMS: None

Klipfolio Logo Exclusion Zone

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Use the triangle to determine the exclusion zone.

Klipfolio Badge Application

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Logo (Black & Red)

Our iconic logo can be used in print and on the web. Remember to always include the ®. It was designed to be used on a white background only, so please avoid placing it on a colored background or over top of an image.

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Logo (White & Red)

Our white logo with the red triangle can be used on dark backgrounds and is acceptable for web use. Always include the ® and never place it over top of an image.

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Logo (Black)

Our all-black logo is more of a traditionalist and should be used for printing on black and white only.

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Logo (White)

Our all-white logo is to be used on dark backgrounds. It makes for a great watermark as well, so use this when it’s time to leave an impression.