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Klipfolio - Business Dashboard Software Customers

"Since Klipfolio, we have a lot more metrics front and centre for the company. It's easier for us to compare different customer acquisition channels at a glance and measure performance over time. The dashboard is always on the main TV in our office where the majority of our team works."
Dave Lastovskiy, Head of Marketing,

Our Dashboard Build Plan

Don't have the time or resources to build your own dashboards? Our Dashboard Build Plan could be perfect for you! This new plan was built specifically for teams who are looking for dashboard building support and continued education from our experts. So how does the Dashboard Build Plan work?

  1. Sign up for our Team Plan with Ninja Services (billed annually)
  2. Get access to our Initial Build Project, a resource only available to Dashboard Build Plan customers
  3. Scope out your Initial Build Project with our dashboard experts
  4. Watch your dream dashboards come to life

Benefits of our Dashboard Build Plan

Klipfolio is a self-serve platform, which gives our users the power to build anything they want. But it also means having time and resources available to build those dashboards. Our Dashboard Build Plan gets you:

  • Initial Build Project to scope out your dashboard needs
  • Ongoing Ninja Services for continued education and building help
  • Unlimited Klipfolio users
  • Download reports
  • Email Reports
  • Embeds
  • Client Management
  • SSO and more!

Interested in signing up for our Dashboard Build Plan?

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