Automate and manage your client reporting in one place

Save time by eliminating those tedious and repetitive client report building processes

Join hundreds of our partners who are growing their businesses and driving results with Client Management.

Client Management gives you the ability to easily manage hundreds of accounts from your Klipfolio partner account, giving you on-demand access to the metrics driving your clients’ business. With data at your fingertips, effectively monitor performance and be the trusted advisor your present and future clients need.

Client Management

Whether you manage a few client accounts, or hundreds, Klipfolio’s Client Management platform will scale with your business.

Manage multiple accounts

Create and manage hundreds of new clients from your partner account with the click of a button.

Standard or unique, you choose

Import data visualizations and sources. Create dynamic dashboards that are standard or exclusive to each client with the admin sign-in option.

Free accounts for your clients

Show your clients the value of dashboards before they commit with free trial accounts.

Customized billing options

Bill your clients yourself or choose to save time and effort with Klipfolio’s managed client billing.

Customization and Automation

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of customization. Design Standard to support your typical clients or create unique content when needed.

Personalize your dashboard

Clone dashboard templates to avoid starting from scratch. Take customization to a new level by creating unique, personalized themes with CSS and Javascript file uploads.


Our white labelling feature gives you the opportunity to replace Klipfolio branding with your own. Change key application terminology, colours, logos and more.

Domain aliasing

Don’t want your clients logging into their dashboards at No problem, domain aliasing allows you to direct your clients to a domain you specify to login.

Automated processes

With a little API work and script writing, you can get streamlined, automated processes. Some of which include adding users, sharing content, and creating data sources.

Sharing and Publishing

Whether you want to give your clients on-demand access to the dashboards you create, automate dashboard reporting, or send out a client report on an ad hoc basis, there’s an option that will make sharing with clients easy for you.

User access controls

As the administrator of a client account, you can grant client users access to their account, setting different rights and privileges for each.

Private links

Share dashboards with clients by publishing Private Links, which are URLs that can be shared with or without a password.

Email reports

Schedule regular email snapshots of individual data visualizations or entire dashboards to be sent to specific people, at specific times.


You can easily embed data visualizations into an HTML page or host application in such as way that it appears seamless to the end user.