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Designed to scale with you

Klipfolio uses shared system resources that are allocated democratically. When you need more scale or more help, Power-Ups are the perfect way to add capacity to meet your needs. Power-Ups are ideal for Klipfolio customers with:

  • Large data sets
  • Lots of users or clients
  • Complex data modelling requirements
  • Many data sources
  • Specific periods of heavy usage
  • High priority dashboards that get a lot of views

Don’t pay for features you don’t use. Pick and choose from our flexible Power-Up add-ons to help you get the most from your data.


Dashboard Top-Ups

Add more dashboards to effectively communicate your data story.

The number of dashboards you can access depends on your pricing plan. If you're on a paid plan, you can purchase additional dashboards using our top-up option.

$8 /mo

Prices are shown per month, based on annual subscriptions

Bigger data, faster insights

Near Real Time Refresh

Puts your data sources into a dedicated queue for up-to-the-minute data. Enables scheduled warm-up for offline refresh, ensuring data is current on first login. Shortens dashboard load times and optimizes handling of dynamic data sources. Learn More

$139 /mo

Performance Tuning

Our experts analyze your unique usage of Klipfolio to ensure your formulas and performance settings are optimal. Helpful for environments where multiple users are connecting to data assets at the same time.

Large Data Processing

Ability to work with larger data sets (up to 15MB or 25MB) depending on your needs.

Warm Up Refresh

Enables you to specify a time once a day to refresh all data sources in your account so they’re ready to go when users first log in.

$39 /mo

Prices are shown per month, based on annual subscriptions

We've got your back with world-class support

Priority Support

Ensures your questions jump to the top of our Support queue. Access to a Klipfolio expert during business hours (9-5 EST).

$49 /mo

Data Hero Services

Get help learning how to build the dashboards and reports of your dreams with 1:1 training and consulting support. You get time with a Klip expert and priority ticket handling during business hours (9-5 EST). Learn More

$199 /mo

Prices are shown per month, based on annual subscriptions

Brand it like you own it


Promote and maintain your brand by putting your company name front and centre. Change key terminology (like “Klip” and “Dashboard”) throughout the product. Put your logo on the header and footer of every page and every report. Want to learn more? See our White-Label Solution page

$199 /mo

SSL Domain Alias

Use your own WWW domain name (URL).

$69 /mo

Custom Theme

Have stringent design requirements? Then the Custom Theme feature is for you. Upload custom CSS and JavaScript to dramatically overhaul Klipfolio’s look and feel.

$69 /mo

Prices are shown per month, based on annual subscriptions

Dedicated servers for faster results

Dedicated Server

Your Klipfolio account is hosted on a dedicated server for maximum performance. Using a private server dramatically increases compute resources for calculating formulas and fetching data.

$699 /mo

Dedicated Server+

Your Klipfolio account is hosted on a larger, dedicated virtual machine, ensuring you achieve the best possible performance. Also includes account performance audits and tune-ups performed quarterly by Klipfolio experts.

$1,199 /mo

Prices are shown per month, based on annual subscriptions


Single Sign-On

Enables single sign-on for your Klipfolio app with options to integrate via SAML or a custom approach.

$49 /mo

Prices are shown per month, based on annual subscriptions