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Your brand matters

Take full ownership of your client reports. White labeling Klipfolio will ensure your clients interact with your brand at every level of reporting, all the way down to the code.

Boost your brand awareness

You have built a brand that your clients recognize, trust, and love. Therefore brand continuity is crucial, especially in the reports you provide them with.

With Klipfolio’s white label analytics software, you can customize everything down to the letter, connect to virtually any data source with 300+ integrations and APIs, and seamlessly embed your reports with your brand.

Why use a white label software?

Imagine the world of possibilities that open up with 100% branding ability. White label analytics dashboards give you full control over the look and feel of your reports, and the immense flexibility of the Klipfolio platform provides the ability to deliver ground-breaking insights and near real-time visibility on all your clients’ key performance indicators.

Not only that, but custom reports also add value to your current offerings and makes your business scalable with the ability to address more and more clients.

We understand that maintaining brand consistency is important.

White labelled reporting allows you to apply your branding and remove Klipfolio branding altogether, meaning you have the ability to create a unique experience for each of your clients.

Show your true colours.

Entire dashboard interfaces can be customized, from the sign-in page and the logos on the dashboard right down to the colours and lingo.

Keep it simple.

Keeping an eye on both your business’ and clients’ numbers is crucial to your success, so reporting shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming. With Klipfolio, report with ease without sacrificing customization power.

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How can I weave white label reporting into my business?

Make Klipfolio your own with the freedom of CSS.

Customize the login screen and every aspect of the Klipfolio app by uploading CSS files.

Share updates with your clients.

Ensure your team and clients are always-in-the-know. You control what each person sees when they log in or publish a link to a dashboard so your clients can view live data from anywhere at any time. Schedule an email to automatically send them a recurring snapshot or download these visualizations as a PDF or image to share them on demand.

Make money.

As a white label partner you can now make money selling a dashboard platform but why stop there? Clients will pay you to connect all the applications that hold their data. They will want you to build the visualizations that give them insights into how they can grow their business and as that business grows to adapt their dashboards to the new KPI's. We publish all sorts of content designed to help you become a master at creating effective dashboards making you an indispensable part of your clients growth!

Access your dashboards seamlessly with Single-Sign-On.

Do you have your own application and are looking to add reporting? You can share dashboards via published links in an iframe or set up Single Sign-On and your users will be logged into the branded application without having to reauthenticate.


Your brand is what keeps your business moving.



Remove all Klipfolio branding.
SSL Domain Alias


Use your own domain name.
Custom Theme


Upload custom CSS and JavaScript.