Track, share, and decide from anywhere with mobile monitoring

As a busy professional, we understand that you’re not always at your desk. Mobile dashboarding allows for responsive, non-stop access to your most important KPIs. Take your data anywhere you go by downloading our mobile app on your iPhone, your Android phone, or your tablet.

Dashboards and Reports on the Go

Our mobile app provides you with instant access to the insights you need, when you need them, wherever you need them, so you can make those quick game time decisions.

Anywhere on any device

Display and view dashboards on any device; mobile phones, and tablets, monitors, and TVs. The vibrant dashboards displayed on your mobile or tablet are easy to read, and even easier to take action on.

Data at your fingertips

Imagine. You’re at an offsite client meeting or in an uber on your way to the airport, and you could answer any performance question by pulling in real-time data, on the spot. With Klipfolio, that’s possible.

Klipfolio for Mobile BI

View dashboards and KPIs on your phone or tablet

Want to try Klipfolio for mobile?

All you need is a Klipfolio account to download it on Google Play™ or download it on App Store™.

Klipfolio Google Play App Download Klipfolio Apple App Store Download

If you don't have an account yet, you can create one by starting a free trial

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24/7 access to your most important dashboards

View your most important metrics on a clean, responsive dashboard. Dashboards are easy to consume, and even easier to take action on.

klipfolio - for android

Access all your dashboards

Select any dashboard you've built, and add it to Klipfolio for iPhone/iPad/Android. This makes for quick navigation between key dashboards.

klipfolio - android dashboard

Intuitive drop down menus to filter data sets

Use drop down menus to specify data sets directly on your dashboard. Just click on the menu, select the new value, and go!

klipfolio - drop down dashboard on android

Responsive charts at your fingertips

Want to learn more about a value on a chart? Click on that value to highlight it on your dashboard.

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Here’s how to get started with Klipfolio for Mobile BI

klipfolio - start free account
Set up a free Klipfolio trial
klipfolio - web
Build and design dashboards on the web version of Klipfolio
klipfolio - google play
Download Klipfolio on iTunes App Store or Google Play
klipfolio - iphone app
Sign in to your dashboard using your Android or Apple mobile device

Keep tabs on all your KPIs using your mobile device

"The Klipfolio App is great. I was on holidays hiking in the Sapa Mountains in Laos, Vietnam and I was still able to keep tabs on all our company's KPIs on my phone!"

Betty King, , Virtual HQ