Trial Conversion Rate

Date created: Sep 22, 2020  •   Last updated: Jan 28, 2021

What is Trial Conversion Rate?

Trial Conversion Rate measures the percentage of users that have converted to a paid account from a trial period. This metric indicates product value to users by helping measure the number of users that are interested enough in the product to pay for it. Trial conversion rates vary based on what type of trial you use.

Alternate names: Trial-to-Paid Conversion Rate, Conversion Rate


ƒ Count(Trial-to-Paid Users) / Count(Trial Users)

How to calculate

A product has 200 trial users out of which 40 users convert to a paid account. In this instance, the Trial Conversion Rate is 20%.

Trial Conversion Rate

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What is a good Trial Conversion Rate benchmark?

For opt-in free trials, a good conversion rate benchmark is 25%. For opt-out free trials, a good conversion rate benchmark is 60%.

SaaS Trial Conversion Rate

SaaS Trial Conversion Rate

Inturact, 2019
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More about this metric

Many SaaS products offer some form of trial period during which a user can test the functionality, the suitability in their context, and overall experience of using the product. These users are known as trial users or trials.

Trials provide a low risk way for a new user to test out a product. They are offered with the intent of converting the trial user into a paid user. Trail Conversion Rate measures the number of trial users converting to a paid model as a percentage of the total number of trial users in any given period. This includes trial users that convert at any point in the trial period, including during and after the trial period has ended.

Trial Conversion Rate can reveal the type of audience with which the product is most successful. By segmenting Trial Conversion Rate data by a variety of user demographics, companies can determine which types of users convert from free to paid accounts at the highest rates. They can then target their marketing campaigns to focus on attracting the highest converting types of users.

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