Partner Resources - Lesson 5:

How to succeed with Klipfolio

Build a business of delivering dashboard solutions to your clients

Our Partner, Cervino Marketing, has a client base of marketing agencies who like any service business, need to provide regular activity and performance reports to their clients. However, prior to engaging with Cervino, gathering the data from multiple sources was very time-consuming. Once they had the correct data, the agencies needed to put that information into Excel spreadsheets and/or PowerPoint presentations. On average, each report took two or more hours; multiplied across the client base, that was a significant amount of time and energy spent on monthly reporting.

As one of Klipfolio’s largest business partners in Europe, Cervino Marketing designs and deploys smart dashboard software that incorporate data from numerous data sources, delivering near real time visibility into key marketing numbers and metrics.

Build on-demand, highly customized dashboard reports

Pena Business Data Reporting develops highly customized dashboards on behalf of their clients. Pena Business Data Reporting will set their clients up with a Klipfolio account, connect them to virtually any supported API, setup databases when needed, offer custom CSS and HTML styling and build custom dashboards based on each clients needs.

Use dashboard reporting as a value add to your current service offering

When asked how his team use Klipfolio, Alastair Barlow, co-founder of flinder, a registered accounting practice in the UK, said, “We may be a little different than the average Klipfolio user in that while we do use it for ourselves, the main purpose is to provide insight to our clients.”

Their team starts off with a strategy and business objectives workshop to translate the client’s objectives and distill it across various functions within the business. Flinder provides insight to help their clients meet their objectives by building dashboards to track an array of metrics across multiple functions which include financial analytics, cash management, and prospect opportunity management.

Help your clients make better business decisions

Since 2013, RootedElm has worked alongside the A&W digital marketing team, supporting them with their email program: Mug Club. In 2018, with steady subscriber growth averaging 5% each month and an average click-to-open rate of 21%, the A&W marketing team felt confident to expand their email marketing program and increase engagement.

RootedElm’s ultimate goal was to improve the overall subscriber journey by using data to identify gaps in the current process. By transforming the unsubscribe data into a visual bar chart using Klipfolio, they were able to interpret subscriber behavior efficiently.

Turns out the problem behind unsubscribe behavior was simple, and all too common, A&W just needed to get more personal with their welcome email.

Using a dashboard was one form of listening; their next task was to validate their findings by asking their Mug Club subscribers directly through a brief online survey. The outcome of the study confirmed the interest of mobile coupon redemption, online ordering, text messaging and that they needed to recognize our subscribers' enthusiasm and loyalty to the brand more often.

Because of the combination of a visual dashboard, data collected from other sources, one 3-minute survey, internal insight and old-fashioned instinct, A&W now has a solid plan to expand their subscriber reach and enhance engagement as they head towards celebrating their 100th birthday.

Leverage Klipfolio integrations to centralize business functions

Spoonity CEO & Co-Founder Max Bailey, is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about helping restaurants grow and attract new customers. He’s especially motivated to reach younger generations by focusing on marketing operations, data analysis and resource management.

Spoonity offers detailed dashboard reports for their customers so they can easily track reward app performance.

The Spoonity team also took advantage of centralizing a lot of their customer interactions by signing up for the HubSpot for Startups program, which gives seed stage startups 90% off HubSpot’s marketing and sales tools.

Max says, "We use both HubSpot and Klipfolio and the combination is awesome. Klipfolio allows our management team to monitor our sales, marketing, accounting, customer success, and onboarding all in one place which keeps our entire team on the same page."

Your clients deserve the best

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