Partner Resources - Lesson 2:

Navigating Client Account Management

One of the biggest differentiators between Klipfolio and Klipfolio for Partners is the ability to create and manage client accounts.

The video lesson above walks you through the benefits of this feature and how to navigate it.

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  1. To add a client, start by clicking the Clients tab on the left hand navigation pane
  2. To add your first client, select the orange Add a Client button on the top of the page
  3. From here, you can fill out all of your client’s information, including their company name, company description, account status, and billing options
  4. Account Status

    • Set-up Mode
    • Select this mode while you are in the process of building dashboards and not ready to reveal them to your clients just yet.

    • Trial
    • By choosing Trial you act as Klipfolio to give your clients the ability to test and play around in the application for themselves before deciding to use it. You have the ability to select a trial that lasts up to 14 days.

    • Active
    • By sending your client account into an Active state, your client can navigate their dashboards and monitor data in real time. Keep in mind that once a client is in Active mode, you cannot revert them back to Trial or Setup status. Active mode also requires you to modify the number of resources and features you want to grant. More on this later.

    • Disabled
    • By selecting Disabled, you can either pause a client account temporarily or delete it permanently.

    Billing Status

    • Managing billing yourself
    • When you choose to manage billing by yourself, you can price Klipfolio to your liking and can charge as much or as little as you want. Many of our Partners choose to use Klipfolio as a value add for their clients and integrate Klipfolio into their existing business models.

    • Let Klipfolio manage your billing
    • If you choose to for Klipfolio to manage client billing, your clients’ accounts will switch to trial accounts and upon logging in, they will be prompted to select one of Klipfolio’s pricing plans.

    Define Resources

    Setting your clients to an Active state requires you to assign resources to them.

    Keep in mind: the resources you allocate to your clients comes from the plan in your Parent. account. It is important to familiarize yourself with your limits.

    • Dashboards
    • How many dashboards you can set up for your client.

    • Users
    • How many named users can be added to the client.

    • API Calls
    • Refer only to calls made to the Klipfolio API. It is NOT required for client data sources to update and is therefore typically be set to 0.

    At this time you also get to define the features you will be using for your client. Select any combination of: download reports, email reports, embedded links, private or public links, and SSO.

  5. Save; your client account has now been created. By clicking on the sign in as Admin tab beside the client you created, you can login and manage their Klipfolio account as you would your own (i.e. build dashboards, generate reports, etc.)

Managing clients in this way will not only allow you to keep everything organized it also gives you the best foundation on which to build. In the next lesson we will share the best practices for managing dashboards for your clients.

What's next?

Dashboard Management

This session dives into the foundation of Klipfolio Partner accounts: building and monitoring dashboards for your clients. We will show you two of the main ways you can create and share dashboards and some of the best practices associated with these ways.

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