Partner Resources - Lesson 1:

Intro to Klipfolio for Partners

Welcome to Klipfolio’s Partner Program! We're so glad you’re here.

We have created this series of onboarding modules to help ease your transition to Klipfolio. These lessons are structured to give you clear insight into the Partner Program and to help you familiarize yourself with the fundamental features of your account. We hope to lay a solid foundation for your Klipfolio journey.

Topics we will cover:

  1. Client Management
  2. Dashboard Management
  3. White Labelling and Customization
  4. How to be successful with Klipfolio

Additional Resources

Note that in some of the lessons there are links to downloadable checklists. We encourage you to download and print these off to help you as you work through the various lessons in Klipfolio.

If you need additional assistance, keep the tools below in your back pocket as you navigate Klipfolio. Or, as always, don’t be shy to drop us a line. We’re always available to help!

  • Klipfolio Help Center
  • Use the Klipfolio Help Center to interact with the Klipfolio community, search documentation, watch helpful how-to videos, or submit support requests.

    While you’re here and before you get started, you should know about our Partner Directory.

    Becoming Klipfolio Certified will validate your dashboard building and reporting expertise, identify gaps in your Klipfolio knowledge, and help you stand out amongst the other Klipfolio Partners. As a Klipfolio Certified Partner you demonstrate that you have the highest level of knowledge around planning, deploying, and managing Klipfolio dashboards and reports.

    Upon passing the exam, your company will be added to the Certified Partners section of the Partner Directory, exposing your business to our thousands of Klipfolio clients and web visitors. You will also be given a Klipfolio Certified Partner badge to feature on LinkedIn and your website; an added bonus to showcase that you are steps ahead of your competitors.

    Last but not least, we want to invite you to be a part of our Slack community for Partners. Join the 'Klipfolio Data Hive' to gain access to hot leads direct from our sales team and peer-to-peer support. You can also offer feedback to our product team, get updated on the latest features, and network with your fellow Klipfolio Partners across the world.

    Alright, now we can get started!

What's next?

Navigating Client Management

One of the biggest differentiators between Klipfolio and Klipfolio for Partners is the ability to create and manage client accounts. This next lesson walks you through the benefits of this feature and how to navigate it.

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