Partner Resources - Lesson 4:

White Labelling and Customization

In this lesson, we explain the different ways you can customize your Klipfolio account. We understand that maintaining brand consistency is important. Customization allows you to apply your branding and remove Klipfolio branding altogether, meaning you have the ability to create a unique experience for each of your clients. Note: White Label is a paid add on.

How to White Label a Klipfolio account

  1. Sign into your Parent Account.
    • Note: Your white label settings will apply to all clients except those that you set up to be billed by Klipfolio.
  2. Click Account from the top navigation pane
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click White Label from the side navigation
  5. Once in the White Label window you will be able to make changes to customize every aspect of your Klipfolio account:
    • Product Name
    • Rename the terms Klips and Dashboards
    • Links and Footer (help, legal, powered by, and hide the copyright notice)
    • Support email (After Domain Alias and Email Redirection is completed replace the from address in emails sent out by the application)
    • Embeds (change the call-to-action text)
    • Sign in logo
    • Footer logo
    • Email logo
    • Favicon (replace the icon associated with your brand that appears in the user’s device home screen)
    • Home screen icon
Download this checklist as a PDF

How to override Klipfolio branding using CSS

  1. Click Branding from the side navigation
  2. Click Edit and you will be shown two options:
    • Default
    • Select light or dark standard Klipfolio themes

    • Custom
    • You have the ability to change many facets of the Klipfolio app including:

      • Icons for both the web and mobile applications
      • Click base theme to select light or dark
      • Dashboard CSS allows you to fully customize and override the existing dashboard style
      • Application CSS allows you to change the login screen and all other components of the Klipfolio app
      • Update the dashboard script or application script to make things more dynamic

Note: Clients with the CSS feature enabled will, by default, inherit the theme from the Parent. This can however be modified by client to create unique custom themes for each.

How to set up a custom Domain

Domain Alias allows you to create a unique URL where users can login or for use with Published Links. Setting up a Domain takes 3-5 business days and is a prerequisite to configuring Email and Oauth Redirection.

Once purchased, either stand alone or as part of White Label, there is a form to fill in which when submitted will automatically create a support ticket and start the process.

What's next?

How to succeed with Klipfolio

In this final lesson, we reveal all of the ways that our current Partners are realizing success with Klipfolio. Read on to see how you can apply these methods to your business!

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