Being able to reduce the time spent on manual reporting and focusing on the decision making really is the key to success. Luckily we have Klipfolio helping with that.

klipfolio customer
Dimitris Vogiatzis
Analytics Engineer, Growth Digital Agency

Automated Agency Reporting

Show your clients how their marketing campaigns are performing

Get a full picture view of how your clients are currently performing and what success looks like for them. This gives you the necessary insights to roll out a digital marketing strategy that will rock their world. It also helps you answer questions your clients have about their campaigns. From Excel to Google Analytics to HubSpot you can connect to virtually any platform.

Easily build reports and share them with your clients

Build unique dashboards for each of your clients, or save time by creating report templates that can be reused in any account.

Swap out your tedious manual reporting processes for automation. Have dashboards delivered on a schedule to your client's inbox without having to lift a finger.

Click here to check some of our pre-built templates client report for PPC, SEO and social campaigns

Make Klipfolio your own

With white label reporting, you can deliver fully customized digital marketing reports to your clients. Apply your agency’s branding (or your clients’ branding) to the product and deliver a unique, sleek, and automated experience.

Count on Expert Support

No matter what you’re trying to do for your clients, we’ve got your back. If you’ve read any reviews, you’ll hear our support team is second to none. Have questions? Reach out to us!

Don’t just take our word for it…

Want to see who else uses Klipfolio as their report automation solution? Our Partner Directory highlights all our partner clients and their various expertise.

klipfolio - Livedata.Mobi

In this partner spotlight, we learn about how Livedata.Mobi uses Klipfolio to power their business. Anu Gupta, the company's founder, valued Klipfolio’s highly intuitive, yet versatile platform, which because of its cloud data accessibility, makes it easy to work with.

klipfolio - Talkwalker

This Tech Partner spotlight highlights Talkwalker, a social media intelligence platform. This is a seriously cool tool for social media and digital marketers. Check out they use Klipfolio to help their clients gain visibility to and understanding of their social media analytics.

klipfolio - flinder

The Flinder team starts off with a strategy and business objectives workshop, to translate the client’s objectives and distill it across various functions within the business. From sales activity to financial information and trends, flinder provides insight to help their clients meet their objectives.

klipfolio - Cervino Marketing

Erik van Dorp is the owner and CEO of Cervino Marketing, a certified Klipfolio partner based in the Netherlands. Erik believes that data can be impactful and captivating when it’s used to help tell the story of a business, which is something he strives for with all of his dashboards.

klipfolio - bakerMEN

Tim Ceuppens is an Online Marketer at bakerMEN, a certified Klipfolio Partner from Belgium. His main focus is looking at what data they have available, assess who they need to reach, what they need to reach them, and how they’re going to put all of those things into play.

klipfolio - Spoonity

Spoonity is now a global company, with departments and team members located around the world. Spoonity quickly recognized the need to track key metrics across departments and roles. The Spoonity team now uses Klipfolio to track metrics for sales, marketing, accounting, customer success, and onboarding.

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