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From global consultancies to specialized analytics agencies, our partners include:

Top six reasons why your firm should partner with Klipfolio


Quickly access your client’s data

From relational databases like MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle Thin, DB2 and Sybase SQL, to FTP and SFTP servers, to web accessible resources like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive, you can plug your dashboard into virtually any client data endpoint on your mandate. Once connected, data retrieval from these sources can be automated to display information in real-time. Learn more about our data source integrations here.

Business Dashboard Software Analytics Firms and System Integrators - Data Integration

Mashup data sources to gain new intel and deliver actionable insights

You’re used to aggregating data sets in Excel, crunching numbers periodically and presenting insights in retrospect. With Klipfolio you can automate data aggregation, and display data visualizations and actionable insights in real-time.

Business Dashboard Software Analytics Firms and System Integrators - Data Mashups

Customize data visualizations and dashboards to tell the story behind the numbers

When the results of your data mining and number crunching are in, you need tools to present the story behind the numbers, and to implement and monitor an action plan. Klipfolio’s powerful data visualization editor gives you the flexibility to present your findings and track KPIs the way you want.

Many dashboard platforms have a library of pre-built widgets that are hard-wired to a particular cloud service. In order to build something custom with these services, you’d need a developer to help write code.

Klipfolio is different. We provide you with the ability to build custom visualizations without writing code. If you can use Excel formulas, you can use Klipfolio's editor.

Our editor is very powerful – and like other powerful tools – you will need to invest time learning the tool. We have awesome tutorials, videos, documentation, as well as online, email, and phone support from our success team.

Business Dashboard Software Analytics Firms and System Integrators - Data Visualization Editor

Change the look and feel of your client dashboards to reflect and promote your brand

Partner dashboards and the reports they generate are completely customizable. Add your logo and taglines to your dashboard, stylize individual Klips and dashboard reports, or refine the look and feel of your dashboards at a more granular level with custom CSS.

Business Dashboard Software Analytics Firms and System Integrators - Custom Look and Feel

Manage all your client dashboards in a single account

As a Klipfolio partner, you get access to our dashboard management hub. This lets you manage multiple client accounts in a single place. More importantly, it allows each of your clients to have their own dashboard.

  • Set up client accounts in just a few clicks
  • Manage access rights to dashboards
  • Set up demo accounts for prospective clients
Business Dashboard Software Analytics Firms and System Integrators - Client Management

Dashboard reports your clients will love, any way you want them

  • Create branded PDF reports for your clients
  • Schedule recurring email reports based on live dashboards
  • Share links to live versions of client dashboards
  • Provide direct access to the dashboard by giving each client a dedicated login
Business Dashboard Software Analytics Firms and System Integrators - Dashboard Reports
klipfolio - empirical path

Case Study: Personalizing a Dashboard for 200 Users

See how Klipfolio Partner, Empirical Path, delivered a distributed dashboard for a client and its network of third-party content providers.

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