Klipfolio for Financial Services

As a financial services firm, you monitor current performance, learn from past trends, and plan for future growth. Up-and-coming financial teams are adding self-serve, dynamic analytics to their current processes to deliver action-oriented insights to the organization faster.

Streamline your client's financial data for better insights

Regardless of how and where your clients’ financial data is stored and organized, you can combine it all into a single, complete view to ensure both your team and your client’s get a full picture view of current financial performance and where they need to be.

Easily scale your analytics processes

You are busy. Which means you likely don’t have time to revamp your current processes or refresh your calculations.

All you need to do is find faster, more efficient way to execute your current analysis. Once you have unified your data using visual analytics, this becomes easy.

React in real-time to irregularities in your client’s financials

Visualizations turn static client data into real-time, interactive reports. Connecting live data sources means you can get real-time insights and ask the necessary questions when outliers are detected in your clients’ data.

By allowing your team and clients to interact with their data, you encourage communication and collaboration. This, combined with the ability to dive deeper into your data can give you an even clearer picture of performance.

Enhance organizational communication, keeping everyone in the loop

Easily report on your clients’ financial performance and share it with their team and yours. By being transparent and communicating results, you can make better and more informed decisions that help to improve your clients’ financial position. Using data visualizations fosters a common language that everyone can understand.

Trusted by thousands of game changers in over 80 countries.

“Right now, my favorite Klipfolio visualization is our Financial Statements Dashboard. It’s interactive for the end user and they can take in a variety of data sources and packages to drill down and analyze the data in real-time.”

Jake Grimm, Director of Technology/Virtual CFO, Summit CPA

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