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Klipfolio for OEMs

Provide meaningful, real-time insights that help your clients make decisions ensuring their business runs smoothly.

Generating reports every other day can be time consuming, especially when the data can change at any given moment. Klipfolio eliminates this lengthy process and saves you your most precious resource: time.

Stay in control: set-up and manage your client accounts with ease

As a Klipfolio partner, you get access to our dashboard management hub. In the hub you can: set up client accounts, manage access rights to dashboards, set up demo accounts for prospective clients, and more.

Many OEM partners also benefit from the ability to create master dashboard templates with a specific industry, sector, or functional role in mind. These templates can then be deployed at scale with only minor adjustments to meet specific client specs.

Connect with thousands of flexible and powerful data connections

Klipfolio dashboards can be connected to data sources on a server, in a database, or in the cloud. This makes Klipfolio a flexible and powerful tool to be added to your service arsenal, and one that can be utilized to support a variety of clients, with a wide variety of data monitoring challenges.

Make Klipfolio your own with white labelling and custom branding

White labeling and dashboard customization options make embedding Klipfolio dashboards into your own solution a seamless process. Entire dashboard interfaces can be customized, from the sign-in page and the logos on the dashboard right down to the documentation and the dashboard CSS.

Share and collaborate with your most important business partners

Improve communication in your organization by sharing data that matters to everyone involved.

Display your dashboards on your desktop, on TVs around the office, or even on mobile, dashboards. This facilitates more collaboration and organizational transparency, leading to a more productive team.

Your clients deserve the best

Start automating your client reporting today