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Top seven reasons to OEM Klipfolio


Affordable, predictable, unit-based discounts.

We’re committed to your success as an OEM partner, and eager to match your commitment to Klipfolio with discounts that increase your profitability. Unit-based discounts can be arranged based on volume (accounts, seats, dashboards etc.), or on restrictions surrounding dashboard use and functionality.

Business Solution Provider Dashboards - Affordability

White Labelling and client-specific branding for a seamless user experience

White labeling and dashboard customization options make embedding Klipfolio dashboards into your own solution a seamless process. Entire dashboard interfaces can be customized, from the sign-in page and the logos on the dashboard right down to the documentation and the dashboard CSS. Even the functionality of dashboards can be adjusted to fit your solution ecosystem and your unique value proposition.

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Business Solution Provider Dashboards - White Labelling

Manage all your client dashboards centrally, and deploy through turnkey templates.

As a Klipfolio partner, you get access to our dashboard management hub. This lets you manage multiple client accounts in a single place, and adjust client dashboard controls to suit different client needs and relationships. In the hub you can:

  • Set up client accounts in just a few clicks
  • Manage access rights to dashboards
  • Set up demo accounts for prospective clients

Many OEM partners also benefit from the ability to create master dashboard templates with a specific industry, sector, or functional role in mind. These templates can then be deployed at scale with only minor adjustments to meet specific client specs.

Business Solution Provider Dashboards - Client Management

Dashboards & reports your clients will love, any way you want them.

  • Create branded PDF reports for your clients
  • Schedule recurring email reports based on live dashboards
  • Share links to live versions of client dashboards
  • Provide direct access to the dashboard by giving each client a dedicated login
OEM's Dashboard - Dashboard Reports

Powerful, flexible and RESTful API and database connections.

Klipfolio dashboards can be connected to virtually any data source, whether it lives on a server, in a database or in the cloud. This makes Klipfolio a flexible and powerful tool to be added to your service arsenal, and one that can be utilized to support a variety of clients, with a wide variety of data sources and data monitoring challenges.

OEM's Dashboard - Servers, cloud, and database connections

Near real-time data monitoring.

Set your dashboard data to refresh at the interval of your choosing, starting at every minute.

OEM's Dashboard - Real-time data monitoring

Powerful data mashup and calculation engine.

Klipfolio gives you and your clients the ability to combine multiple data sources to create single metrics and visualizations, or to build multiple visualizations with one data source. Data streams can also be aggregated and manipulated with Excel like formulas and basic math functions. In short, embedding Klipfolio dashboards into your solution expands what’s possible in terms of data integration and data monitoring.

OEM's Dashboards - Powerful data mashup and calculation

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