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Time constrained? REST easy... our API has you covered

Save time organizing, automating, and scaling your client reporting with our Klipfolio API. Trigger action the most efficient way by integrating our API into your own toolbox.

Trigger client dashboard creation

Save time by writing scripts that allow you to automate your setup procedure for adding new client Klipfolio accounts and deploying your dashboards to them. Create a repeatable, consistent experience without the headaches of human error.

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Push any data to Klipfolio

When you can’t find a way to get data in, use our API to push your data to Klipfolio. If you have an unusual schedule or have data that Klifpolio doesn't connect to, you can trigger a refresh when you want, or push data to Klipfolio at whatever frequency you need - even if Klipfolio does not directly connect to your service or source.

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Make sure your clients are getting the most current data

If you want to know if your clients are logging in to view their dashboards, our API makes that possible. You can also use our API to look at the status of the data sources in your clients' accounts.

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Read all about our API

Dig around in our comprehensive documentation and get every answer you need.

Here are the top 3 Klipfolio Partner API calls:

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Your clients deserve the best

Start automating your client reporting today