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"Klipfolio is the best-of-breed dashboarding solution I’ve used. Its large number of SaaS data connectors makes weaving together metrics from several systems a breeze." — a happy Klipfolio user
"There are several things I like about Klipfolio. The richness of features, huge list of data sources, easy to understand user interface, and friendly support." — a happy Klipfolio user

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Frequently Asked Questions

The PowerMetrics Reseller program includes analysts, consultants, agencies, and other organizations who want to help their clients build dashboards and metrics with PowerMetrics.

There is no cost to join the program—it’s completely free!

No prior experience with PowerMetrics is needed, but our resellers will need the skills in our tool to build for their clients. Our free plan is a good fit if you're looking to get into the tool. Our team will provide training sessions and be available to support you as you get up and running.

Reseller program applicants should have:

  • An established business
  • Subject matter expertise in analytics or business intelligence
  • Have experience building reports and dashboards for clients
  • Have read and agree to the Klipfolio PowerMetrics Reseller Program Agreement.

Our team will review your application after it has been submitted. If you are accepted to the program, you will receive an email from Klipfolio with additional information to help you get started.

Klipfolio PowerMetrics.

We take pride in our customer success team and support all our customers with online chat and email support. Resellers will also be able to take advantage of private training sessions, including onboarding and deep-dive product sessions.

You are eligible for 25% MRR for every client you manage that has been a paying customer for 90 days. After that period, you will earn 25% commission for every month that client remains a paying PowerMetrics customer.

If the customer is on a monthly subscription plan, you will receive your commission 90 days after the subscription starts (pending no cancellation from the customer). If the customer is an annual plan, you will receive commission on a regular schedule (pending no cancellation from the customer).

The Klipfolio marketing team is happy to provide approved marketing assets to share with your audience. As we develop our partnership, we hope to explore co-marketing opportunities with you. This may include guest blog posts, podcast interviews and contributions to MetricHQ.