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The case for Mobile BI - Sales departments

The case for Mobile BI - Sales departments

Meet Andrew, an outbound sales rep for GoodCompany Inc. He spends the majority of his week on the road, visiting customers, and is rarely in the office.

The problem is that when Andrew is on the road he isn't connected to Mobile BI on an iPhonethe latest sales KPIs, whether it is the sales pipeline, new opportunities, or hot leads. He knows he is always one step behind the latest metrics, and feels like he is trying to predict tomorrow's weather using last week's newspaper.

The current KPI reports are created by hand in Excel, exported as a PDF document, and then attached to a bulk email. When Andrew is travelling between contacts and he doesn't have time to set up his laptop to download the report. While he owns an iPhone and can download the report on his phone, the 30+ page report is simply unmanageable on the small screen. Besides, of those 30+ pages, Andrew only needs to view a few KPIs. Worse still, these reports are out of date almost the moment they were published.

The ideal report, as far as Andrew is concerned, is accessible on his iPhone and shows him relevant KPIs on a business dashboard. When Andrew brought his concerns to management, he found a receptive audience. In fact, they had been struggling with how best to broadcast the latest sales KPIs to the entire department, whether people were in the office or on the road. The sales department needed to find a solution that was scalable (new users could be added at any time), accessible (on a desktop or mobile device), and that was in real-time (automated data retrieval). The answer they found was mobile BI.

The solution the sales department found was Klipfolio Dashboard for web and mobile. The only "hard" part was transferring over their KPIs from Excel to Klipfolio Dashboard, and even that proved straightforward as the KPI editor works in a way that is familiar to Excel users. The department decided to create and distribute sales dashboards to sales reps based on their position. That meant when Andrew viewed his dashboard, he would only see KPIs that were relevant to his position, and wouldn't have to sift through a mammoth report to get the metrics he needed.

The result was that Andrew could now sign in and view real-time KPIs on his iPhone. It didn't take long for Andrew to notice the benefit of having the latest metrics. One morning he was checking his KPIs when he noticed a new lead. As chance would have it, he was travelling to the city where the lead was, so without hesitating he contacted the lead and set up an appointment. One meeting later and he had turned a lead into a new customer.

The best part for Andrew happened in the parking lot after the meeting. He saw one of his competitor's sales reps on the phone with a bewildered expression on his face. When they made eye-contact, the other rep stepped out of the car and asked, exasperated, how Andrew was able to close the lead so quickly. Feeling coy, Andrew replied with "a magician never reveals his tricks."

Klipfolio Dashboard for web and mobile isn't magic - it is an application that puts you in control of your KPIs and how you broadcast that message. And it isn't just for mobile users either. Klipfolio Dashboard can be viewed in the office on any Internet-browser, and can even be viewed on wall-mounted television screens. Inspire a data-driven culture with a business dashboard that makes KPIs unavoidable.

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