Domain Authority

Klip Template | Moz - Domain Authority

Metric Overview:

Predict how well a website will rank on search engines by tracking Domain Authority and comparing it with competitors.


About this Klip

Domain authority is is a scoring system developed by Moz to predict how a website will rank in SERPs. Unlike Google Search Console’s organic ranking, domain authority scores range from 1-100 with a higher number indicating a greater ability to rank.

About the visualization

Seeing where your domain stands in comparison to your competitors allows you to identify if you need to work on your website content and dominance over your main subject. As you improve upon your website and establish yourself as an authority on delivering reliable information on your subject, you can see your scoring increase to surpass your competitors!

About Moz

Moz is a tool for evaluating on and off-site SEO and social media. This service allows you to track your ranking improvement and visualize keyword opportunities.

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