Marketing Funnel

Klip Template | Salesforce Google Analytics - Marketing Funnel

Metric Overview:

Combine your Google Analytics and Salesforce data to create an accessible and easy to understand digital marketing funnel.


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About this Klip

Measure the volume throughout each stage of your funnel, and focus in on the stages that matter most to you to improve your processes. Move users down the funnel through marketing efforts and work with the high-volume stages to drive your end stage volume (i.e. Wins) up.

About the visualization

The marketing funnel is a great way to track how effective your team is at moving users through key business stages.

About Google Analytics

Google Analytics is your go-to service for measuring customer insights. Track your advertising ROI, traffic sources, campaign conversions, user paths, pageviews and the like.

About Salesforce

Salesforce is a world-class customer relationship management platform, helping you grow your business with everything from lead management to website analytics.

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