Sessions per User

Date created: Oct 12, 2022  •   Last updated: Oct 12, 2022

What is Sessions per User?

Sessions per User counts the average number of sessions initiated by each user or visitor to your website/application. This metric is mainly used to determine how frequently users return to your website or app.

Sessions per User Formula

ƒ Count(Sessions) / Count(Users)

How to calculate Sessions per User

Picture a scenario where your website was visited by 20,000 users in one month. In that same month, if your website recorded 50,000 sessions, you can infer that users initiate 2.5 sessions on average. So in this scenario, your 2.5 Sessions per User indicates that the average user visits your website at least two times.

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What is a good Sessions per User benchmark?

The average Sessions per User benchmark is around 1.4 sessions per user. Additionally, the top 20% of websites report 1.6 sessions per user, while the top 10% report 1.9 sessions per user. This is based on a 2022 report from Littledata surveying more than 6k websites.

How to visualize Sessions per User?

Use a summary chart or a line chart to visualize your Sessions per User. The summary chart displays the current value in comparison to a past value, while the line chart will let you track improving or declining performance, which you can then take action on.

Sessions per User visualization examples

Sessions per User


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vs previous period

Summary Chart

Here's an example of how to visualize your current Sessions per User data in comparison to a previous time period or date range.

Sessions per User

Line Chart

Here's an example of how to visualize your Sessions per User data in a line chart over time.
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Sessions per User


Measuring Sessions per User

More about Sessions per User

The Sessions per User metric can be used to derive further insights from your web traffic or app usage data. It is calculated by dividing the total number of sessions in the given period by the number of users in that same period.

The Sessions metric is most commonly defined as a 30-minute time period within which a user interacts with your website. Sessions end when the 30 minute time period ends, starting a new session. A session can also end when a user exits your website. Additionally, a User in this context is a unique visitor to your website or user of your app.

With the Sessions per User metric, your aim should be to judge the quality of your web content or app experience. The higher your Sessions per User is, the more likely it is that you are attracting return users to your website or app.

Return users to your website indicates that your web traffic consists of leads who are further in the sales funnel than a first-time visitor, while return users to your app can indicate activation.

Sessions per User Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sessions per User in Google Analytics?

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Google Analytics defines Sessions per User as the number of sessions divided by the number of users.

How do you find Sessions per User in Google Analytics?

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To find your Sessions per User data in Google Analytics, navigate to the Audience Overview in your Reports side panel. You’ll find the number of sessions per user here. You can click through on this to explore further.

Why are Sessions higher than users?

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When Sessions are higher than users, it indicates that the average user is generating more than one session. For example, if your sessions are 100 and you have 50 users, it means that each of the 50 users visit your website twice on average. On the other hand, users can never be higher than sessions: they can either be equal to or lower than the number of sessions.

How can I track my Sessions per User data?

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The easiest way to track your Sessions per User is to connect your Google Analytics or Google Analytics 4 account to PowerMetrics, using Instant Metrics. This is a free, single-click, no code, and no spreadsheets/data exports way to start tracking your data on a dashboard. Learn more and discover PowerMetrics free.

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