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We at LivedataMobi believe that business data has powerful stories to tell and to transform your business you need to hear them in Real-time. As new age business runs on gamut of business tools generating tons of data it is getting more and more difficult to keep track of critical metrics .From Sales and Marketing to Social Media, Finance and Customer Support to DevOps and UX analytics can confuse even the most seasoned business owners .This is where we pitch in .We integrate all of your inhouse and enterprise business tools to give you powerful, fully integrated dashboards custom built to your business needs.

Our typical clients are: Small and Medium sized businesses looking to integrate their business data and build custom Klipfolio dashboards.

Check out these sample dashboards built by LiveData.Mobi:

livedata.moni Dashboard

360 Degree Customer Overview

This dashboard was built using a number of data sources including Freshdesk, Magento, and Google Analytics. It focuses on metrics like Tickets, Sales and Traffic.

livedata.moni Dashboard

All-In-One Business Dashboard

This dashboard was built for businesses to quickly assess their company-wide metrics like Web Traffic, Daily Ads Overview, Ticket Tracking, and more. Data for this dashboard is powered by Facebook, Freshdesk, Google Analytics, Adwords and Magento.

Marketing Dashboard

This dashboard covers digital marketing, social media, content marketing, PPC, and SEO.


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