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At The Communication Dividend, dashboards are the magic that turn your data into insights. Our dashboards are designed by communication professionals for communication professionals. We are the first of our kind in Australia offering special assistance to communication, public relations and marketing professionals who want to measure the impact of their work.

Using our unique Communication Value Chain© and our database of more than 200 metrics specially designed for communication and PR teams, we help you measure meaningful metrics.

We’re all about helping you perform, by visually communicating your results, saving you time and money. Our unique one-stop-shop approach means we capture all of your important metrics in one place, available for you and your team to check on 24/7. Because every business is unique, your dashboard is unique. We spend time to understand your strategy and the results you need to achieve.

We work with clients of any size and shape but most often with those who have a sharp focus on numbers and performance. Our Australian-based and global clients are from marketing and communication agencies, finance, engineering, education, government.

We also work with companies: Around the world

Our typical clients are: Marketing and communication agencies, finance, engineering, education and government






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