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Stay dialled into the latest opportunities from your CRM solution with a powerful Salesforce dashboard.

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Salesforce is your automated CRM solution, and your sales team can’t seem to get enough of it. They want to be dialled into the latest opportunities, be aware of closing deals, and know the status of new leads. And most of all, your sales team wants the data to be in real-time and accessible whether they are in the office or on the go.

Why monitor a Salesforce Dashboard?

A Salesforce dashboard gives your sales team access to the most valuable and up-to-date data that they need. Sales teams rely on multiple sales data points, and having the best salesforce dashboard possible gives your team the ability to convert at a higher rate and be overall more successful. By understanding the top performing products and which opportunities are available, your sales team can use the salesforce dashboard to better serve and target key prospects.

Pre-built metrics for your Saleforce Dashboard

Here are some pre-built Salesforce Klips that you can add directly to your dashboard. Get your sales team started on monitoring the must-have metrics now!

Relevant KPIs and metrics

  • Sales Per Rep - Measure the performance of each of your sales teams or reps.
  • Product Performance - Monitor your top performing products based on revenue generation.
  • Sales Opportunities - Organize all your prospects based on opportunity value and success probability.
  • Sales Target - Measure and compare current sales to a self-selected sales target or to past performance.
  • Quote to Close - Measure the number of formal sales quotes sent compared to the number of deals closed

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