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Revenue Metrics

Get revenue numbers in front of your executive team without having to provide them with a Salesforce licence or training.

  • Revenue
  • Sales
Klip Template | Salesforce - Sales This Month

Sales This Month

Monitor your sales this month and compare to the average of the last three months.


Klip Template | Salesforce - Revenue and Wins by Type

Revenue and Wins by Type

Understand what types of opportunities are bringing in the most revenue.


Account Metrics

Get your account managers set up with strategic dashboards.

  • Accounts Types
  • Accounts Revenue
Klip Template | Salesforce - Accounts by Country

Accounts by Country

See the location of your Salesforce accounts.


Klip Template | Salesforce - Accounts by Type

Accounts by Type

See the distribution of your accounts by type.


Opportunity Metrics

Help your entire team track and prioritize opportunities.

  • Open Opportunities
  • Opportunity Value
Klip Template | Salesforce - Open Opportunities by Stage

Open Opportunities by Stage

Understand the stage at which your opportunities are in the sales cycle.


Klip Template | Salesforce - Open Opportunites (This Year)

Open Opportunites (This Year)

Track your key metrics on open opportunities and always know what your sales potential is.


Marketing Metrics

Combine your sales and marketing data to get a complete picture of your conversion funnel.

  • Leads & Wins
  • Website Traffic
Klip Template | Google Analytics - Salesforce - Conversion Funnel

Conversion Funnel

Use Google Analytics and Salesforce data to create your conversion funnel. This Klip displays your users, leads, opportunities, and wins for the past 30 days.


Klip Template | Salesforce Google Analytics - Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel

Combine your Google Analytics and Salesforce data to create an accessible and easy to understand digital marketing funnel.


Salesforce data mashups

Use Klipfolio to combine Salesforce data with data from just about any service you can think of. Here's what we offer out-of-the-box.

  • Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Mentions and Leads
Klip Template | Salesforce Xero - CAC

CAC (Last 30 Days)

Let this Klip address the most important question on your marketing team - what is our cost to acquire a customer (CAC)? This Klip uses your monthly Xero and Salesforce data to answer that very question.


Klip Template | Salesforce Talkwalker - Leads vs Mentions

Leads vs Mentions

Add Salesforce data to your Talkwalker Klip and see the connection between web mentions and leads.


Salesforce dashboards on your office TV

No more sharing credentials or digging through Salesforce to find a single report. Build and deploy Salesforce dashboards on your office TVs.

Ask us how!

Salesforce Dashboard Wallboard

Custom Salesforce data connector

Our no SOQL connector allows you to get the data you want into your dashboard without having to code. Create simple CSV data sources in minutes.

Salesforce Data Connector

Case Study: Versature's best-in-class sales dashboards

See how Versature used Klipfolio to get their sales and marketing data out into the organization.

A great price for a great dashboard

For less than a CRM user license you can deploy Klipfolio to your entire organization.

Stop sending your team on missions to find reports buried in your CRM. Put your sales data on central dashboards that everyone can access.

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Could Not Live Without My Klipfolio Dashboards

The design aspect of building Klips is seamless and doesn't have a strong learning curve. Once you have the basics nailed down, you can begin to create Klips that never need to be touched again. The best part about Klipfolio is that they listen to feedback and are constantly making changes to make the user experience easier.

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Great for tracking KPI's and visualizing data across data sources

Joining all of our data sources into one problem to track across social media, google analytics, and salesforce data. Keeps the entire team focused on a few KPI's and helps us react to our data more quickly to fix potential issues.

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Klipfolio is THE tool for making numbers easy to read and interpret

We use Klipfolio for visualization of marketing, sales and CRM data coming from different systems. What makes it THE tool for us is that Klipfolio is really flexible. It is possible to connect to any datasource in many different ways and to visualize the data in many different form, shape, color and size.

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