Welcome to the Google Analytics KlipStart Guide

This guide is designed to introduce you to your Google Analytics dashboard for Marketers, provide a little background on how it works and offer some guidance on how to take it to the next level.

Video Overview

Check out this video for a comprehensive overview of your Google Analytics dashboard.

klipfolio - website reporting period

Website and Reporting Period

Starting at the top, this Klip contains information about the website and time period on which you are reporting. By using the dropdown menu on the right, you can change which website you are viewing, which time period you are reporting on, and change the comparative reporting period.

As you select different options from the menus, the information on the left will update to reflect your choice, just as the Klips update to show the data you requested. Go ahead and mix and match choices in these dropdown menus to find the most relevant reporting period for your site.

klipfolio - users by region

Users by Region

The Users by Region Klip shows where users are coming from, and displays the top five regions. To explore the map, use the zoom controls and hover each country to see how many visitors came to your website from that region.

klipfolio - audience targets

Audience Metrics vs. Targets

The Audience Metrics vs. Targets Klip displays a summary of your users, sessions, and pageviews and, in our opinion, is one of the most valuable Klips on this dashboard for a few reasons. First, you can enter in a daily target value to see how you’re performing compared to your marketing objectives. Second, we do all the math for you and multiply your daily target by whatever time period you are using, so it stays updated if you change your reporting period.

Lastly, if you don’t have a daily target in mind, just delete the value in the text field and it will automatically select your previous reporting period -- the value selected in the third drop down menu under Website and Reporting Period, and it will update when you change the period.

klipfolio - mobile users

Mobile Users

The mobile user Klip is a simple gauge that shows the percentage of visitors who access your site on a mobile device, like a tablet or smartphone, and compares it to the number of users accessing your website using a desktop browser.

If you're thinking about customizing this Klip, we suggest providing more detail about the types of devices or browsers used to access your site in a separate table below the gauge.

klipfolio - audience over time

Audience Metrics Over Time

The bar chart on this Klip lets you see users, sessions, and pageviews trends for the reporting period you’ve selected. To focus in on a specific metric, just click the value in the legend.

klipfolio - website performance

Website Performance

The Website Performance Klip displays four behavioural metrics that are important for any web analyst to measure: Bounce Rate, Pageviews, New Sessions, and Average time on site.

Each metric has a few visual elements worth noting. First, the sparkline shows the trend over time for the reporting period you selected. Second, the value bolded beside the sparkline shows the average value for that time period.

Third, the smaller, bolded percentage value shows you the change percentage period over period -- using the third dropdown menu under Website and Reporting Period, this can be adjusted to view the previous period, or the same period last year. The triangular icons turn green or red indicating if the trend is good or bad.

Lastly, the bottom number shows the average value for the previous reporting period.

klipfolio - traffic sources

Traffic Sources

The Traffic Sources Klip tracks which online channels are driving traffic to your website such as organic, direct, referral and other campaign sources like cpc and email.

What's useful about this Klip is the ability to instantly compare your current period to your previous period, and see the change percentage for that period. This Klip will update when you select different periods from the second drop down, and from the third drop down.

klipfolio - goals


The Goals Klip displays how many completions you have for each goal you have set up for your website. If you haven't yet, consider setting up goals for your site including contact requests, downloads, and newsletter subscriptions.

If you have set up goals for your site, you will be able to instantly see the conversion rate for each goal -- which lets you know if your website is meeting your marketing objectives.

You will also be able to compare the number of goals completed for the previous period and the change percentage compared to the previous period. Of course, you can change the reporting period using the menus above.