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KPI visibility and indicators

KPI visibility and indicators

The addition of the indicators feature helps you build Klips that make your KPIs effortlessly visible on your mobile dashboards. I am so excited about this feature that I have already  created a video on how to use indicators to improve KPI visibility. Learn more on how to use KPI indicators on a dashboard. In this post, I am going to give you an overview of this new feature so that the next time you sign into app.klipfolio.com you can get started using indicators to boost KPI visibility.

The idea behind this feature is that by adding an "indicator" such as a colour or display icon to a Klip, you can improve the visibility of KPIs and metrics on your data dashboard. Our brains are hard-wired to recognize symbols and to instantly interpret their meaning. Think about it: you stop at a stop sign, go on a green light, and proceed with caution when you see a yield sign. This applies to KPIs just as easily: a red X says stop, a green checkmark says go, and a yellow warning triangle yells pay attention! So when I say KPI visibility, what I am talking about is your ability to instantly know what action to take just by glancing at a KPI. As in the Klip below, it takes only a quick glance to know your sales numbers over the past 30 days need immediate attention.

Klipfolio Dashboard web and mobile makes KPIs effortlessly visible

This feature really delivers on the promise of self-serve KPIs by adding an intuitive interface that lets you assign indicators in seconds. To use indicators, you will work in the indicators tab to build what is called a "condition." The condition specifies the threshold or the column to compare, what operator to use (greater than, less than), and what indicator to display when the condition is met. You can use multiple conditions to capture all possible thresholds and return a range of indicators for different states. For instance, I can display a green arrow when my value is above 150000, display a red warning circle when it is below 150000, and replace the value with a red warning triangle when it drops below 100000.

Klipfolio Dashboard web and mobile makes KPIs effortlessly visible

I think this feature will win most of you over the next time you sign in to app.klipfolio.com. To get the hang of it, why not start applying indicators to existing Klips? If you want extra help check out the indicators how to article.

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