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Give your online marketing dashboard the gift of Moz

Give your online marketing dashboard the gift of Moz

Christmas has come early! For all you online marketing nerds out there, you will be thrilled to hear that we have released 3 new Moz Klips in the Klip Gallery.

We’ve worked closely with Moz for the past few weeks to create digital marketing KPIs that will give you unique insights into your competitors, your brand influencers, and your website. In this post, I’m going to walk you through the metrics in these Klips, what they mean, and why they’re important to track.

How do you rank against your competitors?

Let’s start with my favourite new Klip. This Klip shows how your company stacks up against your competitors. We use Moz’s Social Authority and MozRank to calculate a Combined Rank (see below to learn more).

This Klip is great because it lets you keep tabs on your competitors and see how they stack up to you in terms of social clout and website ranking. In an ideal world, you will want to beat your competitors on all measures; however, you may place more importance on social media versus your website.

Moz Dashboard | Competitor Ranking

How to use this Klip

You can use the dropdown to give more weight to social or website metrics as you see fit. For example, if your company has invested highly in social media recently, you can reflect that by giving Social more weight.

Deep Dive

If you’re curious to know how Combined Rank is calculated, the formula is:

(Social Authority) x (Weight of Social Authority) + (10 x MozRank) (1-Weight of Social Authority)

I simply multiplied MozRank by 10 to put it on the same scale as Social Authority. Then I weigh them according to your selection from the dropdown.

The other cool thing about this Klip is that it is a mashup of data from the Mozscape API, the Followerwonk API, and Twitter.

Which of your Influencers should you approach?

So, your CMO has asked you to put together an Influencer marketing plan. Great. Now you have to do the hard part: finding great influencers in your space. This Klip helps you determine which influencers in your space you should approach and, more importantly, how you should approach them. For instance, are you hoping to give a campaign a huge social boost? Home in on Social Authority as your primary metrics. Looking for a blogger to write an influential post? Then you’ll want to look their MozRank.

A word about Moz’s Social Authority. It’s the perfect metric for this type of situation since Moz’s algorithm accounts for engagement. Sheer number of followers is not always an accurate reflection of a person’s influence. Sometimes a small, but highly engaged audience is the ideal starting point for an influencer campaign.

Moz Dashboard | Influencer Ranking

How to use this Klip

If I had a product that I think every startup should have, I might aspire to have an influencer in that community try it out and give feedback. If I want them to tweet about it or promote my product on social media, I can use the dropdown menu to weight the Klip towards Social. If I want them to publish a blog post about my product, I can weight it towards Website.

How does your site perform?

Last but certainly not least, this Klip shows your top pages by Page Authority. You may already have a good idea of which pages on your site perform best, but I bet you don’t have the same level of insight into your competitor’s website. It may be a little dramatic in the case of online marketing and web optimisation, but I think the words of Sun Tzu still apply:
Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.

Once you know which pages are ranking well, you can see what they have in common and apply it to other pages on your site. To add this Klip to your dashboard, you need to be subscribed to Moz’s paid API. This service is well worth the investment, and you can learn more here: Mozcape API.

Moz Dashboard | Page Authority

How to use this Klip

When adding this Klip to your dashboard, enter the URL of the site you’d like to track (yours, your compeitor’s, etc .).Click on the Page Authority column header to sort the values from highest to lower, or vice versa. Use the horizontal bar to compare the relative page authority of two pages.

Try them yourself!

If you love these Klips, you'll love the other Klip we have available for Moz. Learn more: Build a Moz Dashboard

That's just the start too. You can query Moz directly to build custom metrics and dashboards, and even combine Moz data online marketing services like HubSpot, Google AdWords, and social media platforms, like Twitter or Facebook.


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