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These days, the notion of business intelligence reporting is taking over. More and more business professionals are realizing that in order to take their company to the top, they need some help. Business intelligence efforts are sort of like a ladder in this sense, each piece of knowledge gets you one step closer to reaching that coveted top.

It’s easy to toss around numbers these days. What’s difficult is getting people to pay attention and, most importantly, take action based on what your numbers are telling you.

That’s where a good business intelligence and analytics software can help.

It doesn’t matter if your organization is a data fledgling or steeped in analytics intelligence. Business intelligence reporting makes it possible to get everyone on the same page when it comes to your performance.

Klipfolio is the ideal business intelligence and analytics software tool for all sorts of teams, from accounting to engineering to product management.

We make it easy to pull in your data from a variety of sources then put it to work in the creation of beautiful visualizations.

Ensure your data gets noticed with Klipfolio.

Business Intelligence and Analytics for Data-Driven Teams

The most flexible and powerful business intelligence reporting that is designed for how you work

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. Klipfolio has the tool for you.

Industry Solutions

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. Klipfolio has the tool for you. Our Industry Solutions section covers everything from Startups to Hotels, and more!

Department Solutions

Perhaps you want to check out how Klipfolio has the right business intelligence and analytics software tool for you based upon your role. Our Department Solutions section covers everything from Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, HR, and more!

Communicate better with Klipfolio

Data is about more than just tracking your performance. It’s about using numbers to communicate with your team.

Performance metrics such as key performance indicators have a key team-building element. Everyone knows what targets you’re trying to reach. Everyone knows where your priorities lie.

Many organizations these days fail in this regard. They think that establishing general objectives is enough.

It’s not.

Adopting simple qualitative goals without a corresponding metric is a sure path to employee frustration and disengagement. What are the goals? What does success look like? Where are we going?

These are all questions that data-driven leadership can help answer.

Choosing the Right Dashboard Report

Dashboard reports are used to track the health of an organization by reporting on KPIs, business metrics, and analytics. Make sure you're selecting the right one for you.

Dashboard Design

Designing a dashboard isn't always straightforward - it takes time, effort, and thought to develop one that helps you move the needle.

Building Data Visualizations

Everyone loves the idea of having their data visualized in an easy-to-read way, but it's not always so easy to build. Klipfolio makes this process more simple.

Data Warehouse Reporting

For a company to be truly data-driven, it needs access to a staggering amount of data. That’s where a data warehouse comes in.

Mobile BI Dashboard Design

You're on the move - make sure your dashboard is designed to be too!

SaaS BI Reporting Tools

Business intelligence reporting tools make it possible for SaaS companies to monitor their most important KPIs and metrics.

Self-Service Business Intelligence Tools

Get you up and running with performance analysis and results measuring, allowing you to make better business decisions, with a business intelligence tool.

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